Obama Obliterates Romney and Ryan’s Medicare Lies

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http://www.politicususa.com/obama-obliterates-romney-ryans-medicare-lies.html  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

Obama Obliterates Romney and Ryan’s Medicare Lies   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Don't you wish.  Just the opposite Ryan and Romney are telling the truth about Obamacare and they are listing the facts so people can see the light.  Obama and the Progressives have a hard road ahead.

Obama has lost the majority of Catholics, Jews, Christians, Big Business, Wall Street who helped put him in office and many more.  Now the elderly.


Lady Darko

The lines are drawn in the sand, the American people are alive and awake, well most anyway. Kick it and call names, Let the Freedom Ring

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Kim S Ryan

What on earth is your question?