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Predictable, I guess. Every body knows Dems are crooked bigots and liars. It gets better cause they are also just plain bums. One of the folks I admired most in the 1950's was Ricardo Valenzuela ...

Trampo, you have a well-made point.  Obama is nothing more than an uneducated bum.  He came here from Kenya to act out racist hate so bitter and evil that only Muslims could stomach it, but we have seen that Muslims are also uneducated bums -- identical to Obama.

The encouraging fact is that everyone ignores Obama, unless it is to show the Democrats that they are as dull and racist as they always were, which explaions their wild screaming and racist hate.

That is thorooughly unattractive, but Democrats have always been the ugliest of all sellouts, and they are always going to be justy plain surly.

Lois Lerner, head of the Internal Revenue Service’s tax-exempt organizations office, said at a hearing into the IRS's targeting of conservative groups on Wednesday, May 22 that she has done nothing wrong but declined to answer lawmakers' questions, invoked her constitutional right against self-incrimination. (Video: AP) So it always has been with the Democrat political machine.
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Trampo Thinks this answer is Helpful:

You got that right.  Dems are the nastiest things in prison for a reason.  They sure spend a lot of time there, cause they think they are above the law and they are so stupid they only get busted.


No body buys the games Dems play unless they are greedy, ignorant, or just plain stupid.

Anonymous Commenter Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Most people who side with leftists are the worst kind of perverts and bums.  They came here with a curse on them but did nothing to break that curse.  Now they ignore what they should have learned and blame their fellow humans for their plight, when they should have looked to themselves instead.


"Aqualung" (Jethro Tull, 1971).

Sitting on the park bench --
eyeing little girls with bad intent.
Snot is running down his nose --
greasy fingers smearing shabby clothes.



Aqualung, drying in the cold sun --
Watching as the frilly panties run.
Aqualung, feeling like a dead duck --
spitting out pieces of his broken luck.
Whoa, Aqualung!

Sun streaking cold --
an old man wandering lonely.
Taking time the only way he knows.
Leg hurting bad, as he bends to pick a dog-end.
He goes down to the bar and warms his feet.



Feeling alone, the army's up the road
salvation a la mode and a cup of tea.
Aqualung my friend, don't you start away uneasy.
You poor old sod, you see, it's only me.


Do you still remember, December's foggy freeze --
when the ice that clings on to your beard was screaming agony.
And you snatch your rattling last breaths with deep-sea-diver sounds, and the flowers bloom like madness in the spring.


Woah, Aqualung!

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