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Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Tuesday that President Barack Obama's administration has "fought against religion" and sought to substitute a "secular" agenda for one grounded in ...

I think president Obama is basically trying to say that we are all the same and the religion doesn't really matter or anything like that!

HI EVERYONE JUST CAME BACK ON 9/24/12 just checking in on whats new nothing?
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Bernard McCaunaghy Thinks this answer is Helpful:

The word, hatemonger, seems to appear all over AOL Answers lately.  It has become the most important topic here, and I believe that is for good reason: the hand of destiny points out that we now must deal with them in no uncertain terms.  The very word is unacceptable but now that it is in use let us confront it.


Who could forget the hideous basphemy of president Obama's defrocked former spiritual advisor, Jeremiah Wright?  Such blasphemy could come only from a worshiper of the antichrist -- the ultimate hatemonger.


President Obama stayed in that unseemly congregation for 21 years, whereas a Christian would never have returned to that hideous false minister after he screamed blasphemy. 


Clearly, one serpent will beget more serpents, and one hatemonger will beget more hatemongers. 


Has Mitt Romney endured 21 years of intense hatemongering and outright blasphemy from his "minister?"  Or has Mitt Romney been a devout Christian all his life, noted for compassion, wisdom, and sharing his wealth with all who were in need?


Hatemongers must always stay in league with hatemongers.  The one we have in office presently has rtuined the nation, destroyed our hopes, manipulated the unwise, and stirred up such anger that no sane person would tolerate.


Obama threatened to change us.  That change has all been to the worse, because president Obama learned hatemongering from a professional hatemonger and that is all he really understands.


Is that why only hatemongers still support Obama?


I will not support hatemongers: my God is Love.

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Rocmike is starting today's posting marathon of with Bernard McCaunaghy. Can't wait to see which alias is next. We are in store in the next 14 hours of alias after alias going to old questions and answers repeating the same thing over and over.

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