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Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Tuesday that President Barack Obama's administration has "fought against religion" and sought to substitute a "secular" agenda for one grounded in ...

I don't see Obama so much fighting against "religion" as favoring Islam over other religions in America and demanding people of non-Islamic faiths to abandon their principles, in direct violation of the First Amendment.

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Gramma:  As I have said before, Obama is the President of all the people.

Explain please:  how does he "favor" Islam.

Lady Aban Ceaulosevic Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Obama's unduly close relationship with Louis Farrakhan makes it very clear that Obama is in fact a Muslim flying false colors.  This is a very common practice for them, as their religion is exclusively political, utterly dishonest, and absolutely tyrannical. 


Only two groups on this planet absolutely require flat out deceit as requirements for membership: Islam and Satanism.  The father of lies controls both absolutely.


Anyone who ever heard Jeremiah Wright preaching instantly knew that this man was utterly evil.  He had dedicated himself to evil and would not tolerate anything but evil.  That is why Obama stayed there for over two decades, absorbing all the mindless anti-Christian hate that Wright spewed every week.


What could fit with radical Islam better than that?  The next step of course is to force the nation to persecute Christians ands Jews ruthlessly after the manner of Stalin and Hitler, therefore, we see everything about Obama that we need to see.


one rocmike aka mystic, fletcher, renner, anonymous and othe  aliases after the other. can any of your aliases post without using the words atheists, muslims, leftists, racists, hitler and jeremiah wright. what do you prove by posting all of these aliases repeating the same thing over and over when everyone knows they are coming from 1 poster? it proves you are in serious need of mental help.


Utter, unsupportable bullshit.

Stanley Pembroke Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Mystic, Gramma, thank you for sending YWN-Tadpole-Physicalist into another shrieking white knuckle panic, although I must admit that it isn't difficult to do so. 


All that anyone need do to drive that bigot wild with fear and loathing is tell the truth.  That always sends him bouncing off the walls with his usual comical panic, hence, we see that all atheists are just that sort of Loony-Tunes characters.


Only, atheists are never funny.


Physicalist was only able to control himself long enough to write a few of his usual bitter and surly lies instead of the utterly boring novels he attempts when he is less panicky.  It is always most amusing, to know that he is still bouncing off the walls in his padded cell. 


That is proof positive that you send him bouncing off the walls for several hours, screaming at the top of his lungs with wild-eyed hysteria, because the truth always does that to comical yet humorless atheist clowns.  Liberals are more comical yet.


Good posts, Gramma and Mystic!  Keep up the good work!  We could all use a good laugh.


not another rocmik alias. so far today i have seen mystic, stanley, bill, suffolk, leagle, anonymous and i probably missed a few. rocmike get help.

Dr. Kelly Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Once again, we see Tadpole flying off the handle.  It is always amusing to see her explode in mindless rage.


Anyone who gets too close to the truth will force her to panic to be sure, but realize that by crossing a semi-literate Obama-worshiping radical Muslim bigot, you have merely made them more dangerous.  Even so, what do I have to lose by offending Muslim racists?  I am no longer in medical practice -- and in a wheelchair for life -- because of one of these suicidal maniacs.


Perhaps that is why only the nastiest of all deranged bigots could possibly support a racist named Obama.  Due to the corrupt games of racists, it is very clear why racists like Tadpole always accuse fair minded persons of racism, but remember that if it was good enough for Mumia Abu Jamal, it is good enough for Obama also.


rocmike give it a break

Yechielshlipshon Thinks this answer is Helpful:


Dear Cafereg;

You asked; >>> Cafereg

Gramma:  As I have said before, Obama is the President of all the people. 
Explain please:  how does he "favor" Islam.<<<

You ask for evidence that Obama supports Islam?

The USA has not spent a lot of money on Synagoges, Churches, Buddist or Hindu temples. You tax dollar in the amount of 1.5 billion, in two installments, is going to refurbish and build Mosques in the Middle East.

Now, what would you call this?

Shalom, Grandma, and thank you for your post.



obama has the support and votes of the Jewish people.

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