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Arizona Nursing reciprocity: I have passed my RN ...

Arizona Nursing reciprocity: I have passed my RN Boards in Arizona and my husband an I are moving to Michigan.  Will I need to take my Nursing Boards again?

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No one with an active license ever has to repeat professional RN boards. you must contact the licinsing board fot he state to which you re moving. in 'compact licensure' states, it is simple to be licensed in a member state. Lincense are checked against the compact state list and issued for the new state immediately.When going from a non-compact state (NY for example) to a compact state (Va. for example),  OR from one non-compact state to another non-compact state, OR from a compact state to a non-compact state you must write a letter and send official copies of your license and degrees/diplomas/national certifications to the state board where you moving. They will then verify the current legitimacy of your license and issue another in their state. This process can take several months. Arizona is a compact state. Michigan is a non-compact state. Start this process immediately by contacting the  Michigan State board of Nursing:

Click here: MDCH - Nursing   Good luck to you.

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