Is nuclear power safe?

Do you think other countries will follow Germany's lead and disable their nuclear power?

Is nuclear power safe?AFP/Getty Images/John MacDougall


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Possibly, if such other countries have certain things to make if feasible for them:

  • The wealth to avail themselves of other energy production options.
  • The technical prowes to do the same.
  • The territorial imperitive that risks a major population disruption threatening the entire country and its population. 

In the latter regard, Germany's viewpoint is not so much a matter of enlightenment as it is a matter of stability and survival...considering that the entire German nation could fit into a region no large that the east portion of a US state like, say, Texas. Considering Chernoval, would such a catastrophe in Germany leave anyone untouched? So the cost of the unthinkable is more than unthinkable there.

ASK Rocmike.

Not if they are in wrong person hands

A nuclear could be safe and couldn't be safe  because depends on who's got the nuclear.

No-It's evolved spark in the wrong entity can cause serious manually and intentional infection

Tag along I'm the best there is and an (N.B.H)Was

Yes and a clean source.

Only on the moon! from kenflosmooth

Rough yet smooth

Nuclear power is safe if and only if it is operated under high security and properly manage power stations otherwise it is disaster for that particular city and area.

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