Is nuclear power safe?

Do you think other countries will follow Germany's lead and disable their nuclear power?

Is nuclear power safe?AFP/Getty Images/John MacDougall


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ASK Rocmike.

Not if they are in wrong person hands

A nuclear could be safe and couldn't be safe  because depends on who's got the nuclear.

No-It's evolved spark in the wrong entity can cause serious manually and intentional infection

Tag along I'm the best there is and an (N.B.H)Was

Yes and a clean source.

The lines are drawn in the sand, the American people are alive and awake, well most anyway. Kick it and call names, Let the Freedom Ring

Only on the moon! from kenflosmooth

Rough yet smooth

Nuclear power is safe if and only if it is operated under high security and properly manage power stations otherwise it is disaster for that particular city and area.

Germany and England are like one family.  "Whatever Lola wants, Lola Gets." So fill in the blanks: "Whatever England wants, England gets."  England wants the United States of America.  The "Lion" is not really a lion, it is a "Black Mamba" snake.  I saw it morph before my eyes.  England is involved in internal takeover of the USA, and it is already believed by many that it is complete.  The "My 20% Document of Gordon Pell turned the world into a bunch of hoodlums, greedy criminals worldwide.  In the early 1600's the British presented in India expecting the people to kiss their feet, but it didn't happen.  So they left.  Reconsidered, and returned, a little less demanding.  Eventually they struck up some communication, offering the hand of friendship, with no immediate demands.  Later they offered to trade.  The third step was getting the Hindus to take them up close  enough to KILL. 277 years later, they had taken the country with a little help from their friends.  Before it became evident they should get out of India, Lord Curzon stated "We could lose all our holdings, but if we lost India, it would be a the rising and setting of the sun."  In ordinary current day jargon, that would mean: "Hey guys, we are going to be flat ass broke." Well, the day arrived and they were to have left, but they didn't.  They sold the land to the Hindus, instead of partitioning to the survivors.  Since 1947, the money received from the Hindus who always hated the Moslems who were "The Mughal Empire", otherwise known as  "The Jewel In The Crown", making what later became bragging rights as "We are the greatest nation in the world." But, the Black Mamba is ready NOW to go for the "KILL SHOT". Why else would Obama state that America is going to be fundamentally changed, or now, more recently wanting to confiscate the helicopters the States' have in the National Guard under the control of the Federal Government?  It is a "hand over" the United States of America to the Queen before she dies.  I wrote to Mr. Obama regarding the IMA and the Vatican moving large money.  I did not send the letter.  It was written at the Downtown Law Library.  He got Bernake to pull the money.  $60 quadrillion dollars.  It couldn't get into the right slot, my name at Comerica Bank, because the direct deposit is designed to "steal" money and shift control from one group to a "new group" of his chosing.  That what Obama Care or Affordable Care is all about.  Now, even though the Mafias run insurance, it still has some stability in the systen. 

What is happening is very serious.  The money collected by Great Britain has been used to set up the Federal Reserve.  The Federal Reserve is "inside" our guts.  It is "Mughal Money", as it was funnelled into the Bornstein/Rothschild Bank of England by using my father's name, Anayat Khan, with the prefix words, Raja (a hindu title) Hazrat Anayat Khan.  This person died in 1927 and was NOT an heir.  His children have been getting monies, the British have been enriched since 1947 with these monies, and the same lust, drunken greed and power which flashes to all countries, worldwide, is the grabbing and flashing power all over California, the world, as Putin, Germany, Spain, you name, banks, all the banks, are stealing, i.e.Bank of America $129 trillion moved to Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Yugoslavia.  I was at the Cahuenga Library.  I got an email saying that they had $250 billion for me.  I got an answer: "Why are you outsourcing for money.  You just got a distribution?"  They said they had $15 million for me.  In 2009, when googled what Khan was connected with the Bank of England, the response was Raja Hazrat Anayat Khan, and the IMF.  When the $60 quad hit the computer, it could not fit into an account which didn't exist.  I had quickly closed the direct deposit because the Social Security would not give me my monthly check for July 2013.  They changed my telephonic conversations with the Direct Deposit and changed my cancellation, and reopened my Direct Deposit with Comerica Bank.  Mrs. Cain and Mr. Curtis said I would not get my social security unless I agreed to open the account.  I did not get the money until the 21st of July.  They card was sent to Social Security Office on Vine Street, and they hid the control of the $60 quadrillin under computer codes.  There was $9,000 money someone hid behind my name, the Social Security grabbed.  I was at JPMorganChase, to check the $2,540 billion dollars that was in my name, but was the "My 20% document money that the Los Angeles City College stole, which was supposed to come to me, but I did not know it belonged to me.  Paulson, Rahm Emmanuel, and Frederick Lawson of Cotonou Benin were trying to get me to sign documents, and give me $18,500 million.  JPMorganChase gave that money to Rahm and $16 million that for a contract to me for political advertising so Rahm got that $16 millin for nothing.  Maybe he signed his name.  Tony Blair and every Prime Minister have been living high.  The Queen has been quietly been stashing the funds, and more recently sent in what appeared to be the "last wave", to USA to exercise the "kill" strike.  The history of this stolen money belongs to my family, and to me specifically.  My name "Kam" whch is on my birth certificate rather than the title "Khan" which is on my brothers and sisters birth certificate is the name which came from Aurangzeb and one Begun who had Kam Basksh and which name was my Grandfather's name, Abdullah Muhammed Kam Basksh Khan.  It was after a black girl told me in 2009 that she was offerred a billion dollars to "be me".  We talked for seven hours with her friend, and @ that time, I determined to write to Dr. Robert Michael Gates, to start giving him information about the theft which is so widespread worldwide and has destabilized the entire planet, with few knowing what the score is.  The LACC funding of the illegals to occupy the USA, has been successful.  They are brought in 24/7 bathed, delivered to housing, and delivered across the USA (Colorado) being another safe state house and feed the population for the "take over".  The treason as I call it has been perpetuated by Myra Siegel and all her friends, including Ira Reiner, who failed in his carreer on O. J. Simpson, McMartins, and an assault on my little family.  The professors at the school, employees, and students are all gloating, as they took over my identity, my daughter's identity, and my granddaughter's identity.  We have been under 30 years of seige, like no one could imagine, the hell we have been put through to this very date. Now, I have evidence that indicates 1.  State Farm funnelling money in my name, 2.  Farmers through Attorney Douglas Kottler, has changed my name from Lillian Pearl Khan toLilian Kahn, and works with Farmers to bring in large sums of money to buy real state, and become rich for being criminals.  Prudential in 1969 was already involved in the business, but I did not realize it was happening, though I was an insurance agent/broker with Farmers, Prudential, and other companies then.  Auto One/Pennsylvania General is involved, as in 2005, I was queried who was Beverly P. Khan living with me on Bronson driving my vehicle.  It was not me.  I did not know anyone, but my rates went up.  Identity theft.  I had sent numerous statements under penalty of perjury that there was no one with that name at our location.  My post office box I held since 1987 was hijacked and court cases did not get to me.  It has been closed out "retired" by the Beverly Hills Post Office.  While I was working at the Beverly Hills Library and discovered Bernake was moving money into the IMF to hide the funds, it became clear to me that Israel and American Jewery had long been benefactors of these monies.  That explained the advantages, and the over 6,000 KHAN BANKS worldwide.  I found the main one, Khan Bank of Mongolia, in Ulambattur.  Morrow and Merten were owners.  After I opened up this website, Merten disappeared fast, and Morrow got out asap.

Ulambattur is now in Denver, Colorado, the the Nigerians run the White House there and in Washington.  That is why we are getting all that mumbo jumbo out of our capital.  Same in Denver.  The voice on my Verizon phone would annouce "We love you.  Just call your number and you will find $500." It is the same voice when you need to talk to Direct Express to try to cancel the automatic deposit of social security money.  I decided to find out what was happening with  Comerica Bank.  I opened the mandatory card.  I could not take out any money inside the bank, or at the atm.  I went to social security, and was assured they money was there.  I went to the bank again, and could not get the money inside or outside at the atm.  I was hungry. I did not have gas.  Finally, I didn't make any inquiry.  I simply put the card there, and withdrew $100 as a last try.  The money was ejected.  I followed the pattern, and withdrew $300.00.  Then, I tried for $400.00.  It came out.  Then the machine would not cough up any more.  Because the Armenian Mafia have been deeply involved in this money as is all of California, including the City, the County, and the State of California, as are all the Banks, the Armenians have been heavily involved in poisoning me with Ricen, putting drugs in the water, and messed up my transmission, first by putting power in the Gas through Riverside Towing who put "crap" in my gas tank.  I have managed to stay alive, but not easily.  My family should have inherited this money.  My granddaughter is help captive by the Edelman Children's Court.  They have a record of 24 children dead, but will not issue any data.  I decided to find out about clones, and queried the Los Angeles Morgue, because the height of my granddaughter changed from month to month.  I was not allowed to see her again, because I became concerned for her safety, and whether she is actually alive.  I discovered when I googled the Morgue, that about 1,200 clones have been killed in my name, and my granddaughters name.  I went back in a few days later, and the informatin had been removed.

When I was at the Ronald Regan Medical Center, they would not let me leave.  I had severe pain in the lower abdomen surrounding the pubis area.  I wanted to put my daughter's name on my bank account in case I died during the endoscopy.  I was "detained" for three days for my own good, I am told.  I withdrew my consent to be treated.  The doctor who was in charge had a white glove which was covered with black liquid with a shine.  It was supposed to represent an anal exam.  I did not get an anal exam.  I did not throw up blood.  I did not have blood in my stool.  I checked.  While I was there, against my will, I heard on the intercom that "Bob" Hoffman left an undisclosed amount of money for UCLA Dance.  He is my daughter's stepfather, as he was married to Grace Bender for decades, and I am certain that the $2,540 billion that became the baby of numerous grabbers, including the Obama Whitehouse, (how he became President) with the help of his friends, by playing ball with America, being the gift to the Nigerians, and to Great Britain, as that stolen money is supposed to buy up America from the  Top Down.  Then, I waged spiritual war on anyone who would destroy America, and weaken it.  Then the british pulled in their friends from India and created an army of Hindus in London.  When the late Shaw of Iran was sponsored to become the Shaw, he took my family name, Kam Basksh as published by Wikipedia, another thief, pretending to be getting donations.  He was in my apartment and took out my file with the banking information of City Bank where the monies are deposited.  The underground network of libraries worldwide, the 6000 plus banks, could enrich the planet, but not the me, my daughter, and granddaughter.  They have been destroying us with accidents, big ones, cement trucks, head on collisions, etc. including removing the roof of my office on Sunset Strip.  The rain came, and that was the end of my business.  I have been treated equally evil at the law courts, someoneis paying the judges,  Steven Latches, now a Federal Judge, and Arnold Gold, who gave my case away to Catalina Pacific/Portland Cement, even though I was rearended, and had evidence.  The subpena of DMV data did not arrive until after the trial.  My attorney was in jail, and I couldn't get another one because the case was set for trial before discovery and no request.  He claimed that I became afraid and ran into the cement truck.  I was rearended. The driver of the cement truck changed lanes into my lane, and pushed me over 200 feet.  The lamp post was later removed.  I was being pushed into a 14" diameter lamp post, and was almsot killed 3 times in about a second.

There is so much evil involved in the crimes against me, my daughter and granddaughter.  We are suffering.  All the foreigners are getting a free ride, and free education, and jobs, and free housing.  I sleep in my van. The Hollywood Presbyterian Church called the police on me three times so that I could not park on the street near the church. 

In March 1998, a powder was put on my desk.  It got into my ear and burned.  It was like bugs crawling up and down the right side of my face.  It took 2 years to get it to subside.  A Russian man who was employed at the Hague told me it was mercury, that they do that to their enemies.  

There is a lot more.  I will close this.  During all this time of suffering, I been able to do certain work for the world.  "Right Action Heals Our Contaminated DNA".  Spirit is power over the physical universe.  We can heal our planet with this power.  About 5 million years ago, a nuclear explosion killed the "light" of the planet, and killed all the people, the Elohim.  We are the Elohim.  Everyone died, except those who were near volcanic craters.  They hid, but were melted down externally, and ate contaminated food.  This caused great pain internally.  We live in a double bubble, which is called Alpha and Omega, who are our Father and Mother.  The Paradigm of God is not the Father and the Son.  That is completely impossible.  The Paradigm of God is the Father, the Mother, the Children, and God, the Holy Spirit.  The purpose of the Physical Universe was to expand the Kingdom of God into this dimension.  

When we began to use nuclear power to alter natural earth products, Walter E. Driver discovered that when the size changed, the inside was changed.  He did not explain what caused it, but what happened was the matter went through what is called a "magnetic shift", like the worm to the butterfly.  It happened inside the nuclear chamber.  I believe the earth magnetic shift is approximately 15 thousand years, when the frozen parts become warm, and vice versa.  

The "God" of the Christian and Jews is not the one we have been following. God is a Spirit, and does not have a physical body.  Therefore, God does not drink blood, or eat meat.  The damaged Elohim pretended to BE GOD.  God would not kill the boy who tripped and touched the Arc.  God is good, and we are good.  We ARE contaminated.  We must go back to our source, which we can do through time travel with our mind.  We must go back to the time when the earth had the light.  We must go back to when the creatures had the light.  The light is power.  I was shown at 6 am one morning in June last year, 2013.  I followed the trail that was shown to me, like a light focused on a screen.  I saw the giant gorilla, and went inside through the left shoulder as he pondered his right hand without moving. I experienced the emotions of the creature, and uttered some sounds, and words:  "yes, yes, I won, I won."  Some gutteral sounds, and suddenly, I was shooting upward with g-force.  Whoa, I thought.  This was no small ride.  I was like in a space ship, and felt it.  I travelled upward.  Kepler had plotted the moon trip, and had said it would take a skinny old person, to make the trip.  Finally I passed the mid mark, and noted it, then later, I passed the two thirds mark, and when I finally got to the near top, two lights decended and embraced me.  I instantly knew it was Alpha and Omega.  I visited and when I knew I would return, I was instantly back.  I wrote about it for three days.  We must get back to our source.  We must each make the trip. 

Because of the nuclear damage to the planet, and because we altered the earth products in the nuclear tower, the planet is severely contaminated.  We must heal ourselves and we must use the power of the light, to heal the planet.  The "beings" who live in the natural earth were altered and shot into the future billions of years, and now, some 100 to 150 years later, they have evolved.   They are "crazy" due to their suffering and loneliness, and need to be reunited with their family.  I have written the Paradigm of God for the return of the planet to its pristine condition.  I have written the Paradigm of God to return the beings who were altered and made to suffer unbeknown to us.  It should be happening.  We each have to do our part.  The exponential power of God will carry on the job, all we have to do is our part.  We are beings of light, for now without the light.  We will unite with our true nature and we will be given the opportunity to heal the planet, just do it.  We must raise the bar.  We cannot go on the way we have.  This is not our life.  We have a life to live.  It is not the one we have been suffering.  We are good, because God is good.  Claim your true identity, and let's go home.  there is a new earth, that will be "born", when the time is right.  I recommend, we heal the earth we have, by "right action."  We can.  I know we will.  I love you.  Pearl

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