Is nuclear power safe?

Do you think other countries will follow Germany's lead and disable their nuclear power?

Is nuclear power safe?AFP/Getty Images/John MacDougall


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No.  Does anyone really know where stalin buried all those old bombs from the 50's & 60's?

to answer the question perfectly we should remember that nothing in the world like gasoline, coal is safe.. there is a possibility of accidents to happen in all type of sources.. for example in an accident happens in a thermal power station.. we can take quick rescue operations and then remedial measures.. but in nuclear accident you cant take measures in such a quick way and its not cost effective.


chernobyl disaster happened in 1986 but still the government is pouring concrete and other things on the spot to prevent radioactivity.. and no human is allowed there.. this measure should be done in 2 year regular basis for next 10 thousand years..  each time government should spend $100000000 ... :)


In my opinion nuclear power is not safe because Nuclear fuel produces radioactive waste, which can cause cancer, trigger birth defects, and spawn mutant.To know more you can simply check this article below

Yes It is safe while we talk on the lower scale or for the construction purpose. But it has some cons as well. I remember while I was reading a newspaper and I got to know that an employee from a storage company in London claimed that he has suffered from from some illness just because of the nuclear plant at a certain distance from the place and a removal company in Bath denied to move some stuff while they were asked by the nuclear plant. If  you churn the pages you will see many things related to same and no one can forget the scars given to japan due to the nuclear explosion. 

it is based on your handling,relatively, not so much safe,but i think it is also according to the quantity of the nuclear

fertilizer granulation machine-- ,chaff cutter-- ,pellet mill--

In addition, because nuclear power relies on uranium, it's not a renewable source of energy -- it doesn't naturally renew itself like wind or sunlight. So perhaps those 50 million Frenchmen eventually will look next door to Spain, one of the leading countries for wind turbine production, for alternative methods to keep their country powered [source: Keeley].

Nuclear power is safe if managed properly. It is harmful if it leaks.

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