November Sunshine

November Sunshine

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Ann Romney: "We've Given All You People Need to Know"  -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Kinda like all those college papers etc. that the Obama's have sealed?

Think they'll clean out the White House like the Clinton's did?

Reversing all those food stamps for votes is going to be hard to do.

If wankers posting retard-level graphics were votes the OP would win in a landslide.

If blow jobs at a gloryhole were votes,  you and your old lady would landslide for Obama. Thx for posting, puppet boy. Hahaahahahahah Jerkoff.

We would "landslide"? You should probably just stick with communicating through your tard-graphics and leave the English to those of us with IQs over 50.

Nothing says "look at me!" quite like those graphics, asshole. Of course I'm sure people look at you all the time just like they look at any deformed freak.


Thx for posting again, puppet boy. I heard Cornholio really did a number on your old lady last night for cash. Don't forget to wash your hands and mouth off in between male customers at your gloryhole, you wouldn't wanna wind up with that lip infection again. Once again, ferkJaw, thx for posting and making my threads the biggest on AOL Answers. Hahahahahahaahahah LMAOOOOOOOOO

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Sunshine for our cat etc.

Anamils love to lay in the sun.