Nose pain and glasses

My glasses cause me a lot of pain on my nose and face and teeth and give me bad headaches.  The pain gets so bad I have trouble thinking and I have to limit what I can do so I can take off the glasses.  I have tried wearing smaller glasses and have gone back to the place where I got the glasses many times but they haven't been able to help me.  My glasses have been adjusted so many times the nose prongs have broken off and cost me more money.  I tried wearing soft spongy pads but they only increase the pressure on my nose and are very tacky and abrasive like rubber.  I had broken the bridge of my nose many years ago when I was a child and have always had trouble wearing glasses but the pain seems to get worse every year.  Could the broken nose be contributing to my discomfort?  I also have arthritis in my neck and feel the pain in my face is contributing to the discomfort in my neck.  I am very near-sighted so glasses for me are a necessity.  Can anyone help me?


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Hi Bruinssig.  The problem you are having may not be caused by your nose at all.  I too am extremely nearsighted...almost legally blind actually, and wear trifocals.  I had the same issues years ago and was miserable.  Come to find out it wasn't the nose piece, it was the bows of the glasses that fit behind the ears.  There are several cranial nerves that run down the back of the head and through the neck.  In some people, these nerves are very sensitive and in my case the pressure from the bows behind my ears was causing severe headaches, nose pain, facial pain, and neck pain.  There are also glands behind the ears that can be sensitive as well.  I have been using the foam pads that adhere to the bows for some time now and feel much better.  I don't know if this is the case for you, but I saw your post and wanted to let you know my experience with the same symptoms...hopefully it will be of some help to you.  Trust me, I know how you feel.

Best of luck to you dear.

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After mayhaven's excellent answer, this may sound silly. but here goes. If your glasses are made of glass, switching to thin plastic lenses might help. They are much lighter.


Love one another.

Have you considered contact lenses? I do not see any anatomical relationship with your nose and arthritis. 

cs33ca  M.Sc. PharmD.

Hiya Lido.  You know, that was something I forgot to mention was the plastic lenses...that was something else I did and you are right, they are much lighter hence they are much more comfortable.  Smile

"Be strong in nature; Gentle in deed."

Hi mayhaven   Smile

Love one another.

I am having the same problem but I wear contact lenses. I am in a lot of pain most of the time. It always feels like there is a lot of pressure in my nose and head. Today my whole head and face hurts and it has been doing this since I broke my nose a year ago. I'm worried the doctor will want to do surgery and that surgery will change my appearance. HELP

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