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Discuss the situation in North Korea.

Discuss the situation in North Korea.

Discuss the situation in North Korea.   Reuters

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Take out their nuk's now b4 they have a chance to do dangerous things with them

   If the UN wont intervene, it should be disbanded-  It has become a USELESS , EXPENSIVE ORG.   All nations should just NOT do ANY trade with that IDIOT STATE!!!

They're living in the 50's. So how far have they come? Zilch. But their governments attitude is scary,...if they get long range missile capability they would present problems and we might have to take them out before that happens.

Once again diplomats wasted time and now we are is crisis again.  When will the airheads in our Government learn that you cannot deal with radicals like Iran and N. Korea with talk.  If nothing else fire our diplomats!!!  Dave - Houston, Texas

China had to be aware of this taking place.  We are losing respect from the rogue nations and maybe gaining some respect in the civilized world to our faces.  If we don't stand as a Strong Nation we will be Disrespected by others, it will escaulate.  I think Obama is learning the world is'nt as easy as a Simply  as  "Can't we just get along".  charlie

Such effects nuclear arms will cast

Have we not learned from the past

Unfolding in our current times, the lack of love

Divine Creator sadly watching from above

The dominio effect will  cause greater climatic change

Horrific decades as negative actions will  rearrange

Humanity is loosing compassionate strides!  NKorea, will Never Learn This!  And the long term effects of anything nuclear, is decades of genetic altering, bith defects, and poisoning food/water supply! - This will be the downfall, the Third WW, and such Dominoe Effecfts

North Korea is probably significantly more dangerous than any country in the mideast, or possibly anywhere else on earth - for one simple reason.  Unlike citizens in other countries, almost no one in North Korea has any idea what "the outside world" looks like.  They have never known freedom, at least not like we know it.  They have been ruled by ruthless leaders for so many years, and 99 % of the news that we see every day NEVER gets into their world.  So all the citizens have for a reference is what they are told.  If their government tells them that an attack from South Korea, or from the US, is imminent, they completely believe it.

As one who knows this intimately, I have seen the soldiers and citizens up close and personal.  Life has little real meaning.  Religion is present, but it is so biased that the government is their real god.  This presents dangers beyond what we can understand.  More than 99% of North Korea would fight to the death - simply because they truly believe that every other country on earth is their mortal enemy.  Truly, the only way we can stop such an enemy will be to kill him/her.  And we cannot underestimate the power, cunning, ability, and training of the women there - it boggles the mind.  Most American soldiers would have little chance in hand-to-hand combat with their women soldier, and even less of a chance with their male counterparts.  In their country, where life and freedom  have little meaning, they will cling desperately to their government - and will fight to the death, not so much through honor, but for survival.

If war ever does come, I only hope enough nuclear weapons are available to really get the job done - there won't be any other options available to us.

I have been there.  I am a retired US soldier.  That is all I am allowed to say.  Watch this cold little country.

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