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Discuss the situation in North Korea.

Discuss the situation in North Korea.

Discuss the situation in North Korea.   Reuters

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I am looking at it from the Israeli viewpoint and it is very worrying. You remember Israel's top-secret air raid on Syria that destroyed a bomb factory? Do you know who supplied the warheads? North Korea. Do I need to say anymore?

To say nothing, especially when speaking, is half the art of diplomacy.

what happen with Japan,south Korea, China, US accord. Why this never stop North Korea all the contrary it reenforce the NK to get to the point where it is now out of control?

All they want is foreign aid their feeble attempts at missiles and nukes are all to get aid. A few cruise missiles sent into Kims bedroom would end the problem.

I'm watching the North Korean nuclear situation carefully, as it will serve as an important barack-o-meter. Oh, I know it doesn't have much to do with how well he delivers prepared speeches, how beautifully his wife wears the lastest fashions, or Michelle's mother's important role in the live's of her grandchildren--or even how well Barack himself performs on the basketball court. No, this is just a situation that could have major geopolitical impact for years to come. Now that he's addressed our financial situation, he's ready to apply his vast expertise to other weighty world issues like this one (having allowed future generations to solve our economic dilemma for us, even if it the success of that approach may not seem immediately apparent). The great thing is, of course, he will find himself in a win-win situation with AOL and other media outlets. If he succeeds, by some miracle, in convincing the North Koreans into dismantling their nuclear program, then he will win not only the admiration of people who already fawn over his every utterance, but people like myself who judge him a bit more critically, causing us to reassess our view of both him and his administration. No matter...should he fail to resolve the situation, it would then become yet another opportunity to shift blame to the prior administration.  It is unknown, at this time, when Barack Obama will assume responsibility for his own Presidency. If the events of the recent past are an indicator, most likely not until the people assign it to him.

Perhaps now the world community will stop trade with the country which builds its own warheads but cannot feed the populace.  Let them eat a nuclear bomb- I  am sure it is tasty.

Send Obama over there to Apologize

I"m afraid that President Obama is going to have to take a clear, definate position with consequences for North Korea regarding this provocation.  They are testing his resolve and are basically saying "what are you going to do about it?"  This is a test.  He will have to respond forcefully and clearly with these guys or his entire foreign policy platform will be ruined for the next three years.

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