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Is it normal to wait 2 months for a retainer after braces are removed from teeth?

Hello, My daughter age 15 just got her braces removed last week. Her orthodontist said that on the next monthly visit, she would get a molding done on her teeth and on the next monthly visit after that, she would get her retainer. Is this normal-to wait 2 months to get a retainer after braces are removed? Also, she says that her teeth feel rough and she now has scratches on her teeth from the grinder tool that was used to remove the brackets. Is this permanent?

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My two sisters had braces and were immediatly fitted for a retainer after the braces came off.  The point of the retainer is to make sure the teeth don't shift from the set position from the braces.  I'm not an orthodontisit but it seems to me, her teeth should not be scratched.  I suggest you get a proffesional opinion on this but it is my feeling something here is amiss. 

Good luck and get the answers you need!  If you're not sure, listen to your instincts and seek a professional point of view.  I'm sure there is a help line you can call for answers concerning all things orthodontic.



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