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I was asked to sign a non-competition agreement. I ...

I was asked to sign a non-competition agreement. I terminated my contract with this company because I was un-happy working for them. The agreement states, for a period of twenty-four (24) months following the termination of this agreement I can not call on ,service or solicit business from any customer I had contact with or that for twelve months I can not work for a company that competes in business with this company. It also states that this agreement is governed by the laws of the state of Connecticut. I live in West Virginia and the work I done for this company was in West Virginia and Ohio. What do you think? I  the work contract on March 14 2011

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You were asked to sign and you did?

Did not signing this prevent you from quitting?

I am lost here.

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How good is your word?  You agreed to it. 

An agreement not to compete may not be enforceable, but you would need a lawyer to tell you how that applies in your state, and how it would apply in a Connecticut court.  California does not allow enforcement of a non-compete agreement (with a few exceptions), but there has been no court decision if another state rules that it is enforceable.

Is the same true in nnorth carolina?  Is anon-compete agreement not enforceable?  Nancy

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