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Can a redline drink create a dirty drug test

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I am tempted to say that it will cause a dirty test only if you spill it on the test.

Could you please post what it is that you will be tested for?

This product contains nothing that will show up in standard urine tests.

Marketed towards the fitness industry, it is sold as an energy drink in gyms or health food stores. The beverage includes anhydrous caffeine , evodiamine , tyrosine , yerba mate extract, green tea extract, 5-HTP , vinpocetine , and Yohimbine .

Redline, unlike most energy drinks, has no calories or sugar. Redline is sweetened with Sucralose and is sold in five flavors (grape, green apple, berry, peach mango, and mandarin orange).

Thanx Wikipedia.


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drinking any energy drink will not give you false drug test result.

Because there is nothing illegal in energy drink.

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What is a redline drink?

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