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Nixon and Graham

What do you think about the conversation between Nixon and Graham? Share your thoughts, but please be polite.

A conversation between Richard Nixon, right, and evangelist Billy Graham is causing controversy for the men's mention of anti-Semitism.AP

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Why don't you let "sleeping dogs lie" and post an issue that won't be so inflammatory to a certian group. I hope that they see this 35 year old garbage is just that, garbage.


If it's funny, laugh. If it isn't funny, laugh anyway!

Hey AOL, how about a post on Obama's Infomercial last night?


If it's funny, laugh. If it isn't funny, laugh anyway!

 Jews in Israel already see that Nixon was a better friend to Israel than Obama will turn out to be but American Jews are blinded by their distaste for petty WASP anti Jewish Bigotry.

It is not news that Nixon was antisemitic. However,when Israel needed the arms to defend itself, Nixon provided them.  Nixon's  actions were valiant and unequivocal; he protected Jewish lives and helped to ensure Israel's survival. He was obviously a complex and flawed individual. None of that is news either.

This is just more media unnews.  This took place how many years ago?  What was acceptable in Jefferson's time was slavery, times change and people with it...this is just more "stuff" to stir up hatred in our country and we don't need it.

Anti-Semitism is implicit in Christianity. Believers have had 2,000 years to hone their beliefs  that Jews have to be saved and cannot be trusted but they are not the teachings of Jesus who was Jewish and knew the Torah. It is a shame that SOME Christians believe Jews must convert to get to heaven. I do not worry about heaven; I simply do my good deeds (mitzvahs) as Amos and Isaiah urged in their prophecies.  And I try to love my neighbor as Leviticus teaches. A Jew by Choice

I agree with Billy Graham. God loves every one of us but he hates sin. I am a born again Christian & I study the bible. When we turn away from Christ there is punishement. Look who is really behind it. It is greed. We are murdering are future generation with abortion. Homosexuality is abomination to the Lord. Then we have pornography, pedophiles, removing prayer in our schools, removing the ten commandments. You could see where this country is heading. Future of America does not look bright unless we turn away from our sins. We are heading towards dictatorship & socialism which does not work. I love America because my children & grandchildren live here. I want to make sure they enjoy their freedom.

I did some research! Dr. Georgette Bennett, the widow of Rabbi Marc Tanenbaum of the American Jewish Committee, defended Billy Graham when these conversations with Nixon first came out on March 1, 2002. She said Graham "worked behind the scenes to extricate a number of Jews" from the Soviet Union. She also said his phone call to Nixon convinced Nixon to send military airlift assistance to Israel during a war.  She claimed her conservative husband, Rabbi Tanenbaum, would support Graham if he was still alive. Graham would also call and ask how he could help Jews during missions in Soviet-bloc countries.  Sound like an anti-semetic? No way!  He helped save Jewish peoples lives!

Graham, who politically registered as a Democrat but is as non-partisan as they come, already apologized for these comments the day the came out in 2002.  Like many other people have said this is old news.

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