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Nikola Tesla - Man Before His Time

Nikola Tesla, a brilliant scientific mind had the idea, and many colleagues of his time claim that he invented the way of transferring electricity without wires. It all goes to show that someone didn't want mankind to get free electricity. Have you heard about this?

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Tesla was, undoubtably, a genius; he was, also, slightly mad.  More than once, he conceived a project that he was unable to deliver upon.  Wireless transmission of power was one of these.  Whether his unreliable reputation was a product of the enemies he made, or a result of a twisted understanding of science, is something that's been debated for decades.

I'd agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.

Actually, Nikola Tesla is directly responsible for the remote control, radar, radio control, AC electricity and the electrification of America and the world, AC motors and generators, possibly lasers and 50 or 60 other 'failed' experiments his patents still control. He invented radio BEFORE Marconi. That fact was acknowledged BY Marconi.

Thomas Edison tried to destroy him because Tesla was a better inventor and though he worked for Edison early on in his career, he would not allow Edison to take credit for his inventions. Edison pretty much did destroy his career. The ONLY reason his invention for wireless transmission of energy didn't succeed is because Edison influenced his backers to pull out their financial support and he was unable to finish building the tower that would have demonstrated the principle. This is the man who created the Tesla coil, who created lightning storms in the desert, all well documented. Do you REALLY believe he wouldn't have succeeded with wireless transmission or electricity.

To add mystery, all his notes and papers and experimental models and equipment were taken by the government upon his death. Many  people believe those materials have led to much of the modern technology we use today. Tesla wasn't just a genius, he was a super genius who was so far ahead of everyone else no one could understand him.

As far as being a bit mad, being considered a genius myself, I can state that yes, we're all a bit weird. Mostly because we don't think the same way as other people. I can't explain how, but we think in different patterns and have to do things in our own strange way.

Tesla was never undependable. That was lies spread by Edison. Undependable people don't have close friends like Mark Twain, Arthur Lynch, Anthony Dvorak, Rudyard Kipling, John Muir, Ignace Paderewski, Wilhelm Roentgen and many others.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

Wow bonestructure that post of yours is really something. I couldn't agree more with you about this. I studied Tesla's life very closely and I can say that you are right for all things you mentioned.

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