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Weapons of mass destruction? It is one thing that America ended WWII with the use of a terrible new weapon: the atomic bomb. That weapon, though indiscriminate and gruesome, ended the worst war ...

Way I hear it Muslims been using little kids for suicide bomb attacks for a long time now.  Islam won't allow anyone to adopt orphaned kids so they get sold to terrorists and go thru training for suicide bomb attacks.  Lots of times it is against unarmed civilians.

Now I hear they are making these kids take it in the ass from queers that have AIDS so the kids get it, and that makes the kid two kinds of weapon.

First he is a time bomb that will blow himself up to kill Jews and Christians.  Lots more folks will just get hit with flying nails and buckshot.  Now, they get hit with buckshot that is coated with AIDS blood! 

If you get a scratch from one of these suicide bombers, you just got AIDS thanks to some bitter camel jockey that uses little kids to spread biological war agents around.

Ain't that just cuter than a bugs ear?

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