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What ever happened to Specialist 4 Johnny Lee Thornton fort wood shooter that shot two couples killing 3 injuring 1

what ever happened to Specialist 4 Johnny Lee Thornton fort wood shooter that shot  two couples killing 3 injuring 1

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I know he was found guilty on all charges what was his sentence

Just curious what your interest is in John's case. I happen to be his daughter and not quite thrilled that I am finding new post's on the internet asking about my father!!

He's still in prison, where he belongs. People can honestly ask whatever they want to about a murder... your not going to erase this crime by trying to block information or scare anyone off who asks about it. I've seen you post nasty stuff on more than once site when someone asks about it... Maybe this person is a criminology student? Or maybe they just want to know ore about their communities past? It doesn't really matter either way. The information is public domain stuff.

Anyone that can rape, murder, and then do things to cover it up is a monster. One of his victims was my uncle. My grandmother cried for her son until she passed away last fall. I know the victim that lived and her experiences from that night have left more scars than you could ever imagine. Johnny Lee Thornton had his chance at life, he decided to end three other lives and try for a forth. There is no defending that. There is a special place in hell for people that do these things. I will tip my beer when he goes there.


Wes Hawkins was a good kid and would have been a great man. Thornton had his chance, screw that guy.


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