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Is the existence of an afterlife insane to even think about when we've never witnessed anything that wasn't explainable through relentlessly brutal chemical and biological limitations? Entropy is all ...

No, not insane. Insane is the willingness to kill others who disagree with your view of the afterlife. I hedge against it existing, yet agree there are many as yet unexplainable things. Like UFO sightings, a boy who claims of a past life in which he knew intimate details about a WWII soldiers life, quantum entanglement, etc. You could certainly throw in near death experience. I have a theory that as a nervous system survival instinct, when facing death, our body could produce a sort of chemical/neurological mechanism to alleviate the pain. The euphoria that results could be interpreted by people going through this as a sense of heaven, afterlife, peaceful serenity, etc. Much like the belief in a higher being has been triggered in recent lab experiments when a specific area of the brain is given electromagnetic stimulus.

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There may actually be a religious gene, or area of the brain that controls spiritual feeling after all. Wouldn't that be something.

Norman Wilson Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Chris, there is no such gene, but rational persons all concur that we go on after life. 


"To be or not to be . . . and if we be wake, we also sleep.  If to sleep, perhaps to dream?  Aye, there's the rub . . .."  Shakespeare, Hamlet.


Atheist denials do not grant them credibility.  Far from it.  Their denials only prove that atheists are absolutely irrational.


The only dissenters of eternal consciousness of course are atheists but that is why atheists are all in utter discredit, to stay.


oh glad to finally be speaking to the authority on all science. Thanks.

fletcherba234 Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Chris Answered:

No, not insane. Insane is the willingness to kill others who disagree with your view of the afterlife.
How many people have died in atheist prison camps in the last century because atheists aregue only by force and treachery? 
I don't know.  Nor does the United Nations, Geneva Convention, or Amnesty International.  No one knows the full extent of atheist genocide or what lame excuses atheists must always offer for their mindless hate.
All that we need to know about atheists is that they are violent.  Nothing else matters as much as that single fact, as Physicalist-Chris has repeatedly proved.


I would say that number is about equal to the number of scientists, philosopheres, and people killed during the years leading up to the last century in the name of Christianity.

Crusaders and Conquistadors ring a bell?

Anonymous Comment

40 million dead in the Soviet Union from 1952-1991.  Cause: atheism.
56 million dead in China from 1951-1977.  Cause: atheism.
2.1 million dead in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam from 1976-1980.  Cause: atheism.
The list goes on and on, how atheism is always the cause of mass bloodshed.  It is nearly as violent and corrupt as Islam.


Nothing can forgive corrupt Islam.


The only thing wrong with your information...the cause.

They were killed for not adhering to a rigid ideology and for a person desire to control the population through fear. That sound closer to the potential dangers of religion than say...a scientific view.


Norman Wilson Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Atheist death camps all over Asia and Europe prove that atheists are only a cult of murderers.  That is all atheists ever did well besides empty out whiskey bottles.


you are certifiably insane dude


Norman Wilson Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

We have all seen that atheists only play games, and those games are so obvious that they are an insult even to the atheist losers who are locked down to that vulgar dogma. 


Of course, all atheists are exactly the same, which is why we can expect the same out of Chris and Physicalist as we did from Timothy McVeigh.



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