What is the old wives tale about a bird trying to get in the house?

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It is said that if a bird flies into your home it means illness, misfortune or death.

I've never had a bird fly into my home or the glass on my windows until my brother came down with cancer.  Now why it comes to my house, when we don't even live close, is beyond me.  But it could all be a coinsidence.

Live for today, because you may not see tomorrow.


3 saturdays ago my beloved mother in law - a strong believer in Jesus - had a massive brain hemorrage that destroyed her brain functions. The surgeaons told us if she was to live she would not know us or who she was. All that was sustaining her was a breathing tube. So the family made a decision to wait for members from far away to arrive to pay their last respects and then to pull the life support according to Mary's previously communicated wishes should anything like this ever happen to her.

I agreed but was disturbed all night. What if the surgeons were wrong or just convinced us according to their values?

I went to church and a pastor prayed with me Sunday morning because I did not want to go to the hospital but my wife wanted me and needed me there.

So just before we left with several family members waiting in our drive way as we packed our car a sweet little junko flies into our house. My wife is afraid of birds; but she opened the back door to shew it out. But it flew into the kitchen over the sink behind a prayer plant on the sill.

I had raised a canary and some finces before. So Iwondered to myself if I might gently coo to it and offer my finger for it to hop onto. Sure enough it does. s I gently covered it in my hands losely so as not to scare or harm it. I walked out to the front porch  Everyone was there watching as I relesed it, It flew straight up into the sky.

"Wow!" was eveybody's reaction including mine.

Not 3 hours later I was gathered with those who wanted to be there at the bedside of Mary. The medics came in and released Mary to heaven in similar fashion while we sang in tears with sorrowful joy a very poor but poignant version of Amazing Grace.

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