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how to care for newly hatched baby love birds

Carefully place the baby (chick) on a towel and gently cup your hand around the body for support.

You can use an eyedropper or small syringe available at all bird shops and many pet stores specifically for this task.  As you approach the baby with the food, they will often instinctively open their mouths for feeding - their crop is going to be to their right side of the throat, so angle the dropper/syringe to be sure it goes there.

As the instrument touches the inside of their mouth, they will typically start pumping at it (they are doing their part to help you through this), slowly, but steadily dispense the formula.
When the formula is emptied, take a look at the crop. It’s going to look like a  pouch at their right side of the throat area. It’s supposed to bulge.

Depending on how much the eyedropper or syringe holds and the type of bird (and the age), you may have to offer another feeding right away.  If the bird has a full crop, both of you will know it and the bird won’t be so anxious to accept the device.

It usually doesn’t take too long before you become comfortable with feedings and they can be done relatively quickly; however, I prefer to not go too fast and enjoy the bonding.  This isn’t to say make it such a slow process that the chick becomes stressed or overly anxious, but not treating it like an assembly line job (to just get it over with) may be nicer for both of you.

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Fantastic answer!  Thank you for posting it.

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