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Is new show studios a scam?

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Yes it seems to be. From what I've garnered they seem to like every idea that comes their way, someone contacts you in 3-5 days and they tell you they love your idea but they need $795.00 to get started, then they need money for consultants and the sizzle reel and... the costs keep mounting and I've yet to see a successful series that they've developed.

To the anonymous “Google Bomber” - Your comments remind us of a low ranking “B” movie designed to scare children.  You don’t offer to the readers your experience in the television show industry?  How many shows you have placed or marketed?  How immature are you to simply cast aspersions? 


Your email is also suspicious because all of our prices and services are disclosed upfront when anyone submits an idea to us.  If you had really submitted to us, you would know that.  The information disclosure also tells you that we aren’t going to “evaluate” an idea.  How silly would it be to start evaluating people’s creative ideas for entertainment before they even try to develop and produce samples?  Think of the shows that wouldn’t have been made?  (The social life of nerdy genius physicists:  The Big Bang Theory.  The life of a housewife and her Cuban born husband and their neighbors:  I Love Lucy.  The list is endless.)


Simply put, throwing around the word “scam” is just immature and reckless.  Oh . . . by the way, it’s also defamatory and actionable at law.  People are just sick and tired of Google Bombers like you that maliciously and anonymously try to hurt a company’s staff and their families.  Truly you are not the type of person worthy of a response and people like you are the reason why Congress is considering limiting the freedom of speech on the internet.  (England has already created internet laws, Defamation Act of 1996, that make people like you pay for your recklessness under civil penalties.)  So do us all a favor and stop “Google Bombing”.  More than likely you are an immature employee of a competitor that simply doesn’t like the fact that our team has more creativity, better pricing, higher quality and cost-cutting efficiencies for our clients.  On top of all that, we can get our clients’ projects in the hands of our exclusive licensing agent.  If you want to step into the ring with our licensing agent and our service offerings please visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SFM_Entertainment or SFMent.com  - Good luck!  For others looking for more information on us please visit our website http://www.newshowstudios.com/.  And, as they say in the business . . .  “that’s a wrap”.

I've read posts in different sites by people who have submitted ideas to new show studios who say that they are told nss is interested in their idea (no matter what it is) and will do the steps to promote it but ask for anywhere from $700 up into the thousands up front. Any company that approves of just any idea submitted instead of being honest with ideas that may not be so hot and then asking those people for a lot of money for an idea that's probably a dead end is dishonestly taking an innocent person's money--money they probably don't have much of. Whoever posted the comment from nss defending nss, instead of just attacking people for posting their opinions,  please name some tv shows or movies that you've actually had a hand in bringing about--something that your company has actually accomplished for these people you are taking all this money from.




I have had an idea for awhile now for a comedy show. I didn't know if it was gold, or a bust. I Googled some ways to get it seen, and came across new show studios. I saw u just had to enter your phone number, address, and your idea, in order to receive a free consultation in 3-5 days to discuss your idea. I put in a small sample of my idea. I wanted to see if the offer was legit. I got a call the following day. I talked to a individual, and he told me what they could do. He said in for them to set up a package and dvd sample of my idea would cost $495 plus 10 percent of anything I make if the show sells. Basically that we would be business partners. The thing is in the description it mentioned 8-12 thousand dollars for a total package not 495. During my consultation 8-12 thousand was never mentioned. My question is “Who has that kind of money?” I thought new cam studios was for ordinary people to potentially get a break in the industry. I told the individual i had no money. I am currently out of work, and literally have no money. I just wanted to see if they liked my idea, and get my consultation . The individual proceeded to try and gain common ground by informing me he to used to work in the food industry just as I had. I just got a bad feeling, and decided the consultation was as far as I wanted to go. I didn't want to invest money that I did not have. I told him i didn't want to commit to something that I couldn't pay for. He insisted on calling back, and that we would work something out. He said he would call the following day that their were options for people like myself financially. I then did some research, found some reviews, and noticed new show studios takes every idea they receive. I found that to be dishonest professionals  of the company should give you a honest review. They should ultimately take the ideas that have the best merit, and chance of successful pick up, not just take every idea just to gain a buck. I also found that the company was not BBB accredited. From my own personal experience I decided not to take part in that second call and will not be giving any money to new show studios. I was excited at first though. I thought new cam studios could be legit. I am not saying it is a scam, but just my personal feeling was to not continue on with the process. I appreciate the free consultation they give but can't trust it when u have little to no money u gotta play it smart. My advice would be buyer beware, and proceed with caution!

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