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New (red) Omega 3 Pill

I saw a commerical the other day for a new omega 3  (fish oil) supplement that was one small pill (I think it was red) and it was equal to taking three regular omega supplements. Does anyone know the name of it? I think it had "red" in the name as well.

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It is made by Schiff and is called Mega Red Omega-3 Krill Oil, it is about $26 per bottle of 90 softgels. It is not highly recommended though for several reasons. you can read about a review on this product at http://www.weknowomegas.com/SchiffMegaRedKrillOil.html

One of the best Omega-3 products on the market is called Arctic Essentials. It is expensive but from what I've read is well worth the money. Check out http://www.weknowomegas.com/ArcticEssentials.html

I'm going to order a couple of bottles myself!

If it feels good...do it twice!

Fish oil is fish oil. It's oil, it comes from fish. It's filtered and put into a capsule. Everything else is more or less marketing hype.

There are differences in EPA to DHA ratios and levels of these Omega-3 fatty acids depending on the type of fish used to make the oil and where it came from. There also may be some differences in purity from manufacturer to manufacturer.

However, the claims that specialized Omega-3 supplement manufacturers make around "purity" of their product is generally a lot of hot air intended to get you to fork over $35 bucks for a product that you can buy at CVS or Walmart for half that price.

An independent study of nearly 50 major brands of fish oil found that none of them contained meaningful levels of heavy metals or contaminates and were all considered safe.

For more info on fish oil, and how to choose a fish oil supplement (without all of the marketing hype) check out the following article:

Fish Oil: Benefits and Side Effects and How To Choose A Fish Oil Supplement

Best of luck!

What 's the name of the red pill that is supposed to be three times as strong as one omega 3 pill


Mega red, here is the link for a coupon

Thanks for the info! I understand the comparison of fish oil supplements can vary and that the EPA/DHA ratios I am seeking can be found in other products, however, the allure of this product is that you only have to take one pill instead of 3 huge pills. Thank you again for the info everyone!

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