Sex Scandal in the Brady bunch?

Marcia Brady reveals on set romance with TV sister Eve Plumb.

TV brother  Barry Williams also claims to have had an affair with her.

Did they all end up sleeping with one another? 

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Between this story and the rumor about (14-year-old!) Miley Cyrus being pregnant -- both untrue -- I'm sensing that we're getting an overdose of teenage sex stories.  Maybe we need a time-out ...

But to answer the question, you never know in Hollywood ... it's possible that some of the actors and actresses (at least the older ones) did sleep with each other.  Still, I'd prefer just to think them as the corny TV Brady family.

The Marcia-Jan news was a completely false Internet rumor.  The publisher of McCormick's book released a statement.

They didn't all sleep together.  The kids were young, the dad was gay, and the teenagers didn't date each other. 

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Supposedly Barry Williams (who played the son Gregg) went out with Florence Henderson (who played his mom Carol), but nobody will confirm anything more than 1 date - although rumors abound.

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