I am starting a new job as a cashier in a ...

I am starting a new job as a cashier in a dealership.  Although I have experience I am very nervous about knowing what to do and how to do it at this new job.  Even with experince, do you think they are still expecting to train me??

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At a minimum, I'm sure they expect you to have questions until you "learn the ropes".

While it's good you worry about doing well as it shows work ethics and responsibility, there's no need in this case IMO.  Everyone has been new to a job before you will be working with.

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Something to consider, say, "I have a problem and I need your help".  Then tell whoever looks like they would have the answer your problem. 

I tell all my sharpeners to use that line so they don't feel like they are asking the old "dumb question" that everyone else knows the answer to.  The same thing is true with customers.  If you get the feeling that they aren't totally satisfied, then try I have a problem and that is I feel some hesitancy with your reaction.  How can they not respond.  You care enough to ask if they are concerned with something you have done for them. 

Being a mobile sharpener can open the door to lots of questions so we have to be ready to hear and respond.  That is one thing that makes it to much fun.

If the reader knows of anyone who would like to experience knife sharpening I would be happy to talk to them and explain the facets of the business. 

I think the people Sheri is working for would be the same if you ask.  The problem is if you don't know the job well enough to know the question to ask, then you have the problem of finding that answer.  Tell someone "You have a problem and need their help".

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Well, knowing that you have a experience with this kind of work, I think they will not not give you a training anymore. Maybe they will just tell you the do's and dont's in there company. I think there is no wrong in asking. Ask if you don't know something. You are lucky to have a work today. A lot of people today are having a hard time searching for a job. Maybe this article will help them solve this problem. Here https://www.jobsindubai.com/career.asp?qArticleID=60&page=1

Good luck!


There will still be a learning curve so don't worry too much.  Everybody feels uncomfortable during the first few weeks on the job.  Relax and do what you know how to do and don't be afraid to ask your supervisor a question. 

As a former company supervisor, I can confirm that most supervisors would rather you keep an open line of communication with them for the first few days so things will run smoothly.  Believe me, they don't and won't expect you to be perfect from the get-go. 

Of course, every company does things differently and they want you to learn what they expect.  Good Luck.

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