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I am having problems creating "New Folders" to store my AOL mail on  This has only started happening in the last few days.  I deleted one folder just to see if I had too many of them, and then tried to create another one, but this didnt help.  Any suggestions??  Thanks.

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Hi Martyhelp,

Hmm, this sounds like a strange behavior.  AOL mail currently supports up to about 250 folders, so unless you have that many folders set up, it's unlikely that's the cause.

Can you give us more detailed steps so that we can further troubleshoot the issue?


Well, I since found a "workaround" solution.  The problem was, if I put a checkmark by an email while Im  looking at the entire new list in my inbox, I can then under the "Action" tab, move it.  I would then go all the way to the bottom, where "New Folder" is a choice.  Well, in the last few days, this no longer worked.  So, the woraround is--on the left pane, right by the word "Folder", if you put your cursor on that, it will let you create a new folder there.  I never had to do that before, but it does work.  What was very upsetting, is that AOL was of NO HELP whatsoever, and if I didnt find the workaround, or help on here, I wold have been forced to switch my email to another service.  I tried to call them, even by direct dial in Virginia, and they woudnt help me because I dont pay.  My feeling is so what?  They should at least have email help, since they do make money by their advertisers.  Most interaction I find that I have ever had with AOL whether I paid or not has been negative.  Too bad.

Hi Marty, 

Rose and myself - and many others here: We are AOL. We are the AOL mail team. We are the ones you can turn to for help.

Next time don't hesitate going here directly. We all read this carefully and we do take questions and feedback seriously.

Hi Martyhelp,

Actually, the details you gave us really helped.  I'm also able to see the issue now, and I believe it's a bug in our system.  Strangely enough, it only happens the 2nd or 3rd time, after I've already created a new folder using the exacts steps you provided.  I didn't see the issue the first time.

Your workaround is a great temporary solution.  However, we will definitely be fixing this bug on our side as well.

Thank you for reporting this issue.  We wouldn't have discovered it without your help.  The next time you run into issue, please do post again and we will assist in any way.

Thanks again! 

Rose, thanks for your reply.  When you say that you are AOL, does that mean that you are paid by AOL to find and fix issues, and that this therefore is the email help I couldnt find previously?  To tell you the truth, Im not sure I could find this again if I had to do it from scratch, and the links for it on are very obscure.  Its only from the fact that your answers get sent to me by email, is how I see it, and then I can follow the link to answer it.  Thanks.  Marty

Rose,  Just another thought.  It was actually AFTER my direct dial call to Virginia that was basicaly ignored, that I went to, in the thought of starting to permanantly switching my email to them, and playing with their Folder Creation Process, that gave me the idea, that I might try using the left pane on AOL and see if that worked.  If it didnt, it might have been syanara, if I had notified alll of my contacts of a new email address.  Im glad I didnt have to do that, as that is very cumbersome, and once done, I wouldnt have wanted to repeat the process.  Marty

It appears as if this same scenario is happening again but I cannot find a workaround this time.  The system will not let you rename a folder or create a new one.  This just started a few days ago.  It seems like the new upgrades to the mailbox have changed the folders ability to create.  Hope this makes sense.

I am having the exact same issue now.  Was fine until a few weeks ago.  Can not create new folders and which way...

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