Have you had the new FLU that is going around???

What works to get rid of this Flu that is going around? I NEVER get sick and I've lost a lot of weight and have not been out of bed in days. I am currently taking Thera-Flu, Mucinex and Bayer for the body aches. Please let me know if you've had this "new Flu" and what you've taken to make it go away. If you haven't had this Flu, then you can't understand.

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Unfortunately, no medications exist over the counter to cure the virus, they only treat the symptoms. My husband caught it just before our wedding in December. He got so bad, we had to take him to the hospital for fluids. After they pumped him full of fluids and antibiotics, his fever dropped dramatically. They also gave him Tylenol #3 with codeine for the aches and pains which were pretty bad. He stayed in bed and took Nyquil at night and sudafed 12 hour during the day with the Tylenol #3. I also made him drink a lot of Gatorade (which is easier to get down in bulk than water sometimes). The forcing of fluids will help you heal faster, but either way, it has to run its course. Staying hydrated is critical or you may end up needing to be hospitalized for dehydration. If you get dizzy, vertigo or get really weak, you should go to see your doctor or to the ER right away.

Prescription antivirals are also available, but have mixed results. If you are desperate, you can ask your doctor to prescribe one for you.

I hope you feel better soon - this one is miserable. 

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You should of course wash your hands, don't touch your eyes, and nose cause then it could spread around more quickly. But what i use when I think I have a cold or something coming on I use Zicam. It seems to help and I get over the cold faster or don't even get it at all.Laughing Even thow there is no real cure for this it might help you out.Wink

                  ~Hope you get better soon~

It's so crazy, I was taking Zycam before i got it. This flu is crazy. I was home in bed doing nothing, sleeping. I woke up to a sore throat. Immediately I took Zycam and within 3 hours, it was a full-blown flu. It was nuts. 


:) Anyway, the Nyquil was the only thing that worked... 

To get what you've never had, you have to do things you've never done.

I have been searching for more information about stomach virus symptoms and I have found this your question. Personally I think that you have been talking about swine flu, because all your symptoms are very similar like that's flu. It is really hard to understand how this virus has become very dangerous and spread in all over the world. More and more people are dying from this virus... Maybe this virus has appeared before several years... Well I will definitely try to find more information about it. The best what we can do is to stay at home and avoid public places.

I keep getting this..Over & over since october like a bad stomache virus..Home a month now!Lost alot of weight too...I know its swine..I have a weak immune sytem (cfs)

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I have not had the flu; I stay very healthy and off of refined sugars and other artificial foods. The first comment sounds pretty wise, though. Keep the fluids going. After the fact, try to keep the immune system really high. A little study <a href="http://www.parasitesymptoms.org/">symptoms</a> might be a good preventative to future flus. I do know that the body's electrolyte balance gets off-kilter really quickly with illness; hence, the push for things like Gatorade. Good advice. 


I've got a habit of drenching my hands in sanitizer so hopefully, I'll stay ok.

I have not had the flu but I do suggest, for anyone who is coming down with symptoms, to try Occillococcynum. It can be found <a href="http://www.coughtreatment.org/">cough</a> in natural food stores. If taken at the first sign of the flu, it can eradicate it within just a few hours, or perhaps a day or so, without succombing the patient with the full-blown illness. I have tried it and found it works well.

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Have you had the new FLU that is going around???

I have not had the flu but I do suggest, for anyone who is coming down with symptoms, to try Occillococcynum. It can be found <a href="http://www.coughtreatment.org/">cough</a> in natural food stores. If taken at the first sign of the flu, it can eradicate it within just a few hours, or perhaps a ...

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