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When Obamacare is put into full swing if Obama wins you will see a war alright and soon when these seniors are refused hip, knee replacements, pacemakers and surgeries along with tests because of their remaining lifespan.

Obamas' Science Czar is one John Holdren.  He is one of 40 Obama Czars we think the number is 40.  This man has co-authored books on limiting the problem of overcrowding in this country by forced sterilization.  He also in his books proposes doing away with those in our country who are not of use to society or the government as a whole anymore.  Read "Ecosience" 1977 Pautl R. Ehrlich and Anne H. Ehrlich.  

You in for some real surprises grandma and grandpa if you don't stop drinking that Obama juice.  Trust me it will kill you sooner than later.

Lady DArko 

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These far right social conservative racist hate mongering teabaggers get their right wing talking points from Fox news and hate radio. They never use facts.

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