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Networking sites?

I notice there are more and more networking sites published on the net, following Facebook and Twitter which lately gained huge popularity. So, when it comes to using networking sites, do you prefer the most popular like Facebook or the smaller ones?

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The 'social networking' sites that are not fun, I don't need. If i wanna read and just write a bunch of stuff ...I'll just write a book!...

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You mean Social Networking Sites, of course.  I think FB is the grandaddy, but yes there are many.  LinkedIn is one too but they may be more 'corporate' and for those that may be job-hunting and more on a 'corporate' level.

With FB, I suggest being a regular person, not just a pitch machine for you and/or your business.  (If you have a business.)   Keep in mind you may only truly interact with a small number of people regularly-it's not just a giant billboard to advertise your services based on the way it's set up.

For a giant fast-moving billboard type, check out Twitter.  It is less personal and you have to be good to even attract attention.  Typically one can have more 'friends' but keep in mind almost everone is on there to sell something, even if it seems like that isn't the case.

It's still best to actually be 'a person' that gets along with ohter people and then lets them know more what the business is.  Good luck, whole books have been written about these sites.

One thing I don' like are sites where it's 'show me yours and I'll show you mine.'  You spend so much time looking at other biz opps that it's a waste of your time.  It's a game and I don't have time to play that game.  Good luck.

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Social networking websites - I have to admit that I only use Facebook.  I just started an account about 7 months ago.  Call me old fashion but I don't want to open an account with any others.

My daughter plays around on twitter - she follows sports figures and Justin Beiber.

You should go to the one's your friends frequent.. Get used to the ins and outs of it's workings then when it gets to big for your britches, find another smaller one and take your friends with you.

Just another (keyboard) pecker

I have an account on Facebook and it seems that it's the only social networking site I will use regularly. I have heard of LinkedIn and PeopleString (which pays you for using the website), but I have never tried them myself. 

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Yes, I prefer using Facebook because it is popular..And it means many members on that social networking site. I also like LinkedIN, Twitter and Google+..



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