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What do you think is next in terms of where social networking sites will take us-both in terms of communication and the world of business

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Great question. I however, don't really have any answers. I'm very resistant to change myself. I was one of the last people I knew to finally get a computer. And yet, now, my very livelihood comes from various networking activities. It has opened up great opportunities for many around the globe.

I am not sure about that.Facebook keep changing the privacy to make it different or difficulty they think it would be easy for other people to use Facebook instead of easyer it would difficult to manage a home page or  any thing Cool

I believe that the next step in social networking is that it will switch to mobile. People will do their social networking on their phone or ipad (equivalent). It is already trending that way, but I expect mobile to completely take over in the not too distant future.

It is really hard to tell. No one can know for sure where social networking will go next. I tend to think that, just as with so many other things, social networks will slightly lose their popularity. Sure, they will always have followers, but unless sites like Facebook, fix their security issues dooms day may be inevitable.

I think social networks will evolve, change and maybe lose popularity. But then again, the internet is changing constantly and social networks are not the exception.


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That is possible because hundreds of millions of people around the world engage in social networking by that means communication would be easy trough chatting and sending messages.



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