How to Open Stuck Nesting Dolls?

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 It is best to try to open nesting dolls without twisting them, since the twisting motion may damage the paint's adherence to the wood. To open hard-to-open sets, hold the nesting dolls with both hands.

On a very rare occasion two halves of the doll can be stuck. To open the doll, grab it firmly with both hands ant try to twist. If this does not work, you need to gently squeeze the doll a few times with your fingers placed on the junction line in various places. You might hear some cracking noises ­ this is OK. This is the varnish cracking, which has glued the pieces together.. You can buy Russian Nesting Dolls online.

Oh, I just came across the video on YouTube on how to open your nesting doll I got one as a gift and I was afraid that I'll brake it. Their video explains very well how to do it. I did not realize you are not supposed to twist it, because it wears out the rim of the doll, but  kind of "brake" it apart by placing the doll across your chest and push down on both ends of the doll. I tried it and it works! it is so easyWink

Valery, it looks like the video you refer to is broken. I found this one on YouTube: 

 How to open large Russian matryoshka nesting doll

Take a look. They also have a video on tiny-tiny nesting dolls that is so funny...


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