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Negotiating Salary

How should I negotiate about salary? How much should I demand in order to get what i really want?

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In order to answer your question one has to know a whole lot more.  The main points are:  What is your added value at work ? How tough would it be (for them) if you leave ?  How easy will it be to a new employee to replace you ? What is your present income ?  How desperate you are ? What are your chances to find a better job outside ?  .......  So many factors that at the end determine what's your power to negociate...... If you come from a strong possition it will be much easier 4U..... if you come from a weak possition your chances are low.....  Now it's you to decide what are you "worth" to the firm / organization you work for.....
Sorry if I was a bit rude.... but that's the pure truth....  let's be honest... Best regards.
Love is the battery of life....

Thanks Oron !

 This a very useful piece of information. 

If you have taken on projects and been successful, if you have done those things that have shown you to be productive and valuable to the company, facility or whatever, and you yourself understand your worth then ask for that which you deserve within the network and within that which is applicable. 

How wealthy is your company etc.  How easily can you be replaced?  Never step on your tail.  Know what you are looking for and know what you are worth, because dear, if you question your worth so does your leaders, boss etc.


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With the changing times, discussing salaries are sometimes even ignored. However, this is one of the biggest blunders during the job interview. In fact, discussing the salary during an interview is quite complicated.

You may read this article for getting more info - How to Negotiate a Job Offer: Salary Negotiations tips 

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