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I need sex and I'll do anything

My wife and I stopped having sex!!! It's been about three years now, and I am tired of trying to coxe her into a romp. She has no interest what so ever. But I do! I stay horney all the time, and cable is not cutting it.

We are both 42 yrs old, in good shape, and still in love. We just don't make any love. I've tried Gifts, Romance, Guilt and anger. I've even tried crying and tricks. Shes just not interested. Heres the twist, for the past year and a half I've had sexual relationships with men. I now get truely excited and horney for TRANSEXUALS. I now pickup a mag and call the best looking one and meet. It's all I think about. I love sucking, and I am now so desparete I will do anyone. If I can pick up a man on the street I will do him no questions asked. I love my wife, but I am out of contol. The strange part I do not feel any guilt. I just want to keep on doing it.

What am I to do................


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Hi Michael,
One thing you didn't mention and I hope you did try: Proffesional Counseling.    You won't like my answer (OK I'll accept 2 thumbs down without bad feelings):  I don't "buy" it that you truely love your wife...... If you truely loved her you wouldn't cheat on her..... neither with a woman and nor with a man....  I have a hunch that your wife found out that you had an afair with a man and her reaction was to avoid sex with you..... Am I right ?   If that's not the case, why does she avoid sex ? How was your sex in the past ? Has she some medical problem ?  Is there something major (problem) that she is very much concerned about (parents, kids, financual.....) ?.   If I met her and asked her why is she avoiding sex with you (assuming that she trusts me 100%) what would she answer ?. 
Best regards.

Love is the battery of life....

Hi Micheal,

I agree with what has been said and asked by OronD! You can't say you love your wife and you knowingly go out and cheat on her with no regrets or remorse. If you do love her as you say, it isn't that 'love' anymore, may be it is just a casual kind of love. By the way do you both have kids? Just wondering: may be you both are still hanging onto your marriage because of the kids! I can't tell... But the aspect of you sleeping around with MEN!!! is an issue on its own... May be you are or have become gay, but didnt want to admit it to yourself and solve it... If you can't hold back these feelings you are having for 'men', instead of disrespecting your wife to that extent (by cheating on her not even with her peers, women, but rather with men), better still divorce her. But if you want to keep your marriage and get rid of this new addiction, you must seek PROFESSIONAL COUNSELLING. This will be the only and best way out for you.

Best wishes.

"Never pretend to a love which you do not actually feel, for love is not ours to command." <a href="" rel="nofollow" cl="http://www.quotationspage.com/quotes/Alan_Watts/" class="comlink">Alan Watts</a>

Uh, gross.


You should either STOP cheating on your wife or get a divorce.

find a great boy frined and enjoy the rest of your life. otherwise no sex equates to it stops working after a while!

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