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feel harassed by people at work how hard I try cant make friends . what should I do

There are a few things I would try. First of all, look around at the people at work. Do you look like them in the way you are groomed? In other words, have your hair cut; if you're female, wear a little makeup (or a little less makeup) and dress in a modest style that matches what others are wearing, including your shoes. Focus on your work when you're supposed to be working and do good work. On your breaks, go to the common areas and read books that are current or the daily newspaper. Try to limit your personal phone calls to short, quick, quiet calls. Don't spend time texting. These changes will all make you approachable. It may take time, but if the see that you're a hard worker, quiet, and approachable, they will hopefully be more friendly. Be patient, it takes time.

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