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Pihsiang electric motors for handicap carts. the ...

pihsiang electric motors for handicap carts. the batterys run downs fast, the connections are warm. the motor is warm. the charge indicator is up and down. there must be a direct short. i need some advise and  a schematic. it also makes a humming noise when running on blocks. any help would be appreciated thanks ron

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Sorry, the only answer I have is DON'T BUY CHINESE !

It's almost always CRAP . Made out of the cheapest metal or plastic they can get away with, things don't fit together, motors burn out fast, gears made of tin,  NO quality control, I could go on forever  . . .

What is truth -

I would first check the battery.  It is suspect.  It could also be the motor that has high drain on the battery.  You did not say if the system was new or old and that could definitely impact the order of troubleshooting. 

The leads and connecetions would get warm if charging or high demand on the motor during operation.  That may be the result of a battery with bad cell or motor with high current. 

The schematic should come from the supplier or it would be a guess.

Hope this helps a little. How long has the cart been in service?  Did you buy it new?


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