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Hgtv.com What happened to all the design shows ...

hgtv.com What happened to all the design shows that were on 9pm, only thing now is about house hunters and house hunters international. How many nights a week do we need to watch house hunters!

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House Hunters is the network's top-rated show by far so they run it as often as possible. I would like to see more design shows too but have to admit I'm not wild about Vern Yip's Deserving Design or Rate My Space, Color Splash is OK as is Designer's Challenge.  I really am not interested in the new shows they have introduced on turning your basement into a rental or finding any apartment.

I think too many of the programs focus on buying and selling homes, especially when many people are staying put because of the economy. I'd rather see more shows with ideas I can use in my own decorating

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I agree----give me more shows like "Decotating chic", Decorating cents





I agree,  give me more of the shows likd "Decorating Cents", "Sensible Chic", "Desing on a Dime" etc.  I have had it with the house sales/apts!!



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