Need more closet space in small apt...for hanging clothes poles

I live in a 1 b/r apt. & there is hardly any closet space for hanging clothes up. There is no closet in the bedroom. Buying closets are expensive. I bought a portable plastic covered one & put it in the bedroom. It collapsed. How can I cheaply create closet space for clothes hanging in a modern bedroom. There is some wall space...thank you..

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You can buy wooden closest for relatively cheap prices at places like Ikea. They don't take up too much space, and look decent. They have plenty of room inside for your skirt hangers , shoes, mits & gloves etc. They come in a variety of different colors too so that is a bonus. Just make sure ...

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Good question. Not knowing what sort of 'camper' you have nor what sort of things you need to hang, I'd have a hard time recommending anything. I can only assume that if you're looking for something lightweight, your items are also lightweight? Is your camper parked or moving around alot? Is it ...

Who carries CM Shapes Petite Clothing?

You can go to hooneybuy website

Kelly Edwards