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I need to know more about baby mice

I found 2 baby field mice in my garage earlier today and I ended up bringing them inside. I've been feeding them soy milk(as I know they cant have diary) and I plan to get some kitten formula if they live through the night. In order to get them to go to the bathroom Ive learned you have to stimulate"those areas". Well I can only get one to go and when it has a bowel movement its poop is kinda orange. I need to know if this is normal and if not, what can I do to help? Please help any info you can give me I will be grateful for. Thanx

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I was in the same boat you are when my daughter brought home an orphaned baby mouse last year.  May you have better luck than we did.  If their eyes are opened, their chances are a bit higher of making it (our orphan's eyes weren't yet open).  Below are the three web sites where I found the best info.  You may even have luck mixing and matching to see what works best for you and your two little critters.  I hope they've made it through the night, and good luck to the three of you.  =)



And although they're mice, not rats, the site below may offer some good general tips, though the amount fed would be less since mice are smaller...


A final thought.  Check around you for a veterinarian who handles exotic pets, meaning critters other than just cats and dogs.  If you can find someone who deals with ferrets, hamsters, etc. they may be able to answer questions you have after checking out these web sites.  Even if they're too far away for you to drive to, they may be able to answer questions over the phone.

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