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We have discovered that atheists are the meanest of small minded bigots. We have also seen that their lack of morals and lack of decency have harmed us all irreparably. We have seen the world ...

James H Tolbert Answered:

They came first, with a hand full of God's chosen ones.  They are one of the many reasons why we are here.  This existence is God's way of filtering out the Atheist From the flock.  The are not only one of the reasons we are here but why we have no prier knowledge of where we were pryer to here and most assuredly after here and now.
to answer your question, they are the reason, we are here.
Jay Tolbert

James, is this in reference of what you are speaking of?


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IamQweenBee Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Oh and Kid...I have been VERY BUSY LATELY! BUSY to the 25th power and I am sooooo tired when I get home. Its ironic how I have earned the name Qween Bee in real life. My hubby left me his portion of the business he had with his brother. So, I am there everyday learning the ropes and the people who work there, nick named me Queen Bee...LMAO!


Funny how things happen, huh?! I was only using the name in cyber world as a screen name, now its my real nick name...LMAO!! I laughed the first time someone called me QweenBee.  One elderly man asked me how am I going to be the QweenBee and a worker Bee at the same time. I guess he doesn't understand that I am learning all aspects of the business if I am to take over my hubby's part in it...LMAO! So far, I am not doing a very good job! HAHAHAHA!  Believe it or not, I am too nice to the people who work there! I suppose when I am comfortable with the knowledge I will eventually acquire from learning, I will toughen up a bit.  I never had to be tough on people in my daycare because they always did what they were supposed to... so this is somewhat different for me. LMAO

Yechielshlipshon Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Dear Readers;

I am not an atheies, and think it is short thought and not facing all the facts, as the other extream; politheism; that a physical person can be a god. But, for those who may want to see whom some of the better known atheist were/are, here is a website


Instead of writing blogs here that Hitler would be proud of, think, learn, and use your brain as G-d intended.



IamQweenBee Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Hi Yech...I am not sure what to make of your posts because I haven''t been here ENOUGH to read that many of them. I have read a few and I must say that I do agree with some, while I disagree with the rest. I noticed many of my counterparts (friends) don't care much for your posts. But, I make my own decisions based on OUR (you and me) rapport alone. So, I look forward to communicating with you as soon as I get more time to do so.


Until then...HAPPY POSTING!!!

Yechielshlipshon Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Dear IAM;

If we agree on everything, how would we learn? My thing is the Roger Dangerfield one; Give me a little respect! Other than that, if someone picks on you, they pick on us.

Thank youi for the thumbs up;



Yechielshlipshon Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Dear Readers;

I have read several of your posts on the above topic. As a G-d Fearing Jew, the same G-d, by the way, Jesus worshipped, your comments make me sick!

I do not like atheism, myself, because I believe that there is a G-d. But G-d never punished one who was an honest Atheist, so that ought to tell you something.

Also, replace the word "Atheist" with any faith or nationality, and you have the anti-humans that garbage heads spill forth. Christians have used the same words to point at each other, as well as Christians at Jews, or the Nitzies used. Re-read your posts, and see if i am not right. Repent;



Well if that's the case, I hope it's good.  I hope it's real good.

IamQweenBee Thinks this answer is Helpful:

By the way Kid...how is Bobo? LMAO

IamQweenBee Thinks this answer is Helpful:

No MW...The other cartoons! I don't like anything you post anymore! You have torn your underwear with me...So don't talk to me and I will not talk to you...

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