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i am facing some difficulty in life, i feel sad and withdraw but do not want to share with my family, i am affair of them to look at me as a failure.

There is much that a spiritual healer can do to find if you suffer a curse and what to do to break it.  Chances are that a change of attitude is all that you need to take charge and dispel whatever holds you down.

In the meantime, enjoy a cup of soothing herbal tea with us and speak of what troubles you.  Please send me an email and we will discuss it further, away from the obnoxoius troublemaker who stalks these boards.

If you do not master your destiny, it will master you.
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Rocmike aka American Patriot another long lonely day and night with nothing to do but blog under all of your aliases. I have seen Lady Aban, Bob Suffolk, American Patriot, Bernard McCaunhy, Terrance Hall and Anonymous. GET A LIFE

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