Need it!!! Tips to date Russian singles on

Who had the experience of dating Russian singles on and Can you tell me some dating tips? I am dating one girl on the site.

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Hello,I am from USA. I lived near Russia in the past years. When I travelled to Russia in 2008, I met my Russian bride.I like her very much. Russian girls are kind. I think with your true love and sincerity, your girl will love you back. 

I am from Ukraine. i am now living in usa. In 2009, i met my foreign husband in when chatting on the site we came across many problems such as language problems and cultural that time i was 30 and i got tired of single life.  it was really a hard time. we asked help from the site and used all the online dating services. finally, we met and got together in his hometown. 

When dating you had better fix a weekly or daily time to chat and communicate with russian girl. Communication and understanding is very important. 

I have not the experience but I want you to know that when dating honesty and communication are the most important. Understand each other more and care for each other. 

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