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The old God is looking inreasingly dumb now we have science, should we invent a new one?

Nope. The God of Abraham is a character in a book invented by humans just a few thousand years ago. Why was he invented? Because some humans are under the misguided impression that any explanation, even a totally bogus one, is better than none. My argument is that, rather than being any kind of explanation, it only provides obfuscation and complication. How did an enormously complex being with attributes like invisibility and omnipotence come to exist? Why would such a god be obsessed by the sexual activities of humans? How is that more likely that a natural occurring unverse with everything happening including primitive life due to natural forces? Think chemical reactions, no intelligence required. Heck, if it wasn't for the spreadng of Christianity by force the prevailing religion would be paganism. The bible teaches us prejudice and hate, not love. We evolved to be the way we are despite religion, not because of it.

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JH is hereby awarded the Gold Star Of The Week for an astounding display of common sense.


Common sense is a rare creature indeed - especially and notably rare amongst those who worship invisible deities.


J H, you would enjoy reading some of Paschall Boyer's work and John Shelby Spong's latest book.  Boyer's book I highly recommend called :  Religion Explained

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