Do we need to invent a new god?

The old God is looking inreasingly dumb now we have science, should we invent a new one?

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I just have.  I'm gonna be rich.

Do ya wanna join my church . I only want 10% of your income. For that you can have everlasting life and virgins and choirboys and stuff.

My soj

Perhaps you can resurrect some Greek or Roman gods.

Roman ? Greek?  Nah!

My Nordic Gods could knock your Greek and Roman deities into a cocked hat.

Apparently you are ignorant of what science has revealed.

There WAS a beginning to the universe as Genesis and Science has confirmed.

Waters DID gather upon the earth in the form of seas as Genesis and Science confirmed.

Life WAS brought forth from the earth and began the process of photosynthesis as Genesis and Science confirmed.

Animal life DID come forth from the waters unto the land masses as Genesis and Science confirmed.

A great diversification of mammals DID occur which led to the modern day cattle and beasts that we see today as Genesis and Science confirmed.

And finally man WAS formed in only the most recent geological period as Genesis and Science confirmed.

Has Science confirmed that Life forms naturally from base chemistry ? Nope

Has Science revealed the existence of life outside of the planet earth ? Nope.

Science supports Genesis not Panspermia.

Do some real homework son.    


Last of the Mohicans

We already have.  It's called "science".  Many people today are expecting science & technology to answer all their questions and solve all their problems. Science has failed miserably in doing this. 

Numerous times just during my lifetime, science has had to recant a previously heralded proclaimation when it was found to be completely wrong.  Numerous times, the proponents of science have been caught 'fudging' the facts, just to save their reputations and positions.  And most of science's accomplishments have been stumbled upon, whereas the things they intensely seek remain elusive. (like curing cancer, or MS, or even the common cold)

If you don't mind, I'll stick with my old 'dumb' religion.

I'd agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.

I don't need a new God. The one I trusted for my Salvation as a fourteen year old boy still saves today, all who turn from their sins (Repent) and commit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. He gave me my physical life that is temporary, and my Spiritual life that will last for eternity. Science can't give us either. We all benefit daily from science but it's a total failure as a God.

J H, when you finally get in touch with God, you'll understand that He was the one who created science, so a humans puny attempt at "inventing a new God" will seem a bit childish. God is SPIRIT and God is LOVE, the inventor of it ALL.

Nope. The God of Abraham is a character in a book invented by humans just a few thousand years ago. Why was he invented? Because some humans are under the misguided impression that any explanation, even a totally bogus one, is better than none. My argument is that, rather than being any kind of explanation, it only provides obfuscation and complication. How did an enormously complex being with attributes like invisibility and omnipotence come to exist? Why would such a god be obsessed by the sexual activities of humans? How is that more likely that a natural occurring unverse with everything happening including primitive life due to natural forces? Think chemical reactions, no intelligence required. Heck, if it wasn't for the spreadng of Christianity by force the prevailing religion would be paganism. The bible teaches us prejudice and hate, not love. We evolved to be the way we are despite religion, not because of it.

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