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What do i need my doctor to write social security to get my case reinstated

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Its not necessarily what your doctor would write in a letter to Social Security that would get your benefits reinstated.  They basically look at the objective treatment records and results of diagnostice tests (if applicable).   Letters from doctors and forms such as functional capacity statements are helpful when they supplement the objective medical records but not when they contradict them.


David Budlin

Former Social Security Claims Representative and Supervisor

Current Disability Representative


David Disability Representative Former Social Security Employee and Supervisor http://www.disabilityexpertsfl.com

PS dont listen to david

old saying the wise man never takes advice from the devil

he has worked for ss or is working for ss either way if you need more advice ask your lawyer i can not stress that enough and they get paid by social security

ok you have the right to appeal for your benefits as far as your dr goes if he says your still hurt and you say your still hurt then get your own tests that say your still hurt update your medical files to within 30 days of your case hearing oh it would be wise to get a lawyer and let your lawyer take it the rest of the way AND remember social security dr and ss case worker---->


synapses dr proof&legal defense

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