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Was Shakespeare's 1611 "exit pursued by a bear" about a polar bear he rented from Henry Hudson (Hudson River, 1609

There is a story that Henry Hudson brought a polar bear back from America in 1609 after being icebound up the Hudson River. It was a sensation in England and Shakespeare rented it ...
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Describe your question with a short, clear title

"Hope" prevailed!
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How to get a ride on a navy ship?

how to get a ride on a navy ship?
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Safety Rules

Do you think wearing helmet/seat belt are the only safety option?
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Leftists should learn Roberts' Rules.

If you are in with ANY civic group, or want to make a point you are talking about, you have to know Roberts' Rules of Order. We got ONE leftist here, and she don't know ANY of ...
  Posted 5 months ago .