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Do we need 50 state election committees to take checks and forms from illegal and ineligible candidates. Could not a minimally trained monkey do that and save taxpayers money?

american patriot bush left us with the worst economy since the depression. we were losing 750,000 jobs a month at the end of his failed presidency. we have had 25 straight months of job gains under obama. the stock market fell to 6,800 under bushs failed presidency. it is up over 13000 under obama. bush also doubled the nation debt and started his war of choice in iraq. we needed election checks in 2000 when bush mysteriously won his brother jebs state and stole the election. hanging chads is what brought our country down.

democrat and proud of it. someone trying to learn about conservatism before it becomes extinct
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dfrogpong is a stalker therefore also a rapist


rocmike get help fool.

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