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How come the whole world would be up in arms when a Palestinian rock thrower "youth" is slightly injured, but now that thousands of innocent children and civilians are murdered by Assad thugs such ...

The Gazians have become a worldwide pain in the arse and have been given legitimacy that is not based on history or fact. 

They are a group of refugees who were left over after many wars and not obsorbed into their fellow Nations.  The Jews obsorbed all their refugees and brought them to Israel and they continue to do so today.

They have no Culture, no specific language and no history.  After the 6Day War Arrarat called them Palestinians and began to muddle and meddle with facts to give them legitimacy and to keep them close to Israels' borders to keep the bombs flying into Israel.

Why does not the world scream at all the kidnappings, deguttings of Israeli soldiers when caught by Gazians and Hamas, the daily bombings etc etc etc by the Gazians onto the Israelis?

Now as to Syria.  According to the International News the world is beginning to look at America as a hypocrite.  Obama negotiating with Taliban and now considering backing the rebels in Syria.  Well the rebels are Al Queda and that is why others are concerned.  Look at the mess in Egypt when Obama screamed for Mubarak to be removed.  Mubarak kept the pacts with Israel and kept the Egyptian Brotherhood in bonds and recieved money from America for doing it along with helping America in other ways.  Now Egyptian Brotherhood 75% of the ruling body.  Not good for America and frightful for Israel.

Then Libya Mr. G. kept Al Queda at bay.  Now Al Queda taking over.

So the International News telling America stay the hellouta Syria before we end-up with a complete Jihadi Middle East.

Remember it was Obama who wrote the letter of apology to Iran in the first days of his presidency he also lifted Sanctions on them and Syria.  Now look at Iran a threat to the world.

Obama started a Tsunami and the only ones' recognizing it and having the gutz to push back is the International Community.  Israel will take care of business and believe me you ain't seen nothing yet.  We are filled with Cells in this country just waiting.

Lady Darko

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wacko these are not the thoughts of a sane person. republicans try and rewrite history ever day. look at what they turned reagan into. everyone alive at the the time knows the reagan history made up by the right is a pack of lies.

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Dear LadyD;;

You hit the nail on the head, again. You listen to Netayanu's speech to Congress, on UTUBE where he lays out what is aceptable for a peace, as well what we need to do with Iran, if it does not rejoin the civilized nations?

We have stood around to long, divided, letting our enemies seek us and our children's future. We have a choice, United we stand, or devided we are history.

i hope our little contribution here is having some effect on getting Americans, of all backgrounds, to realize times up.




birds of a feather. no you insane nut jobs are why obama is winning and the republican teabagger congress has the lowest approval rating in the history of our country. social conservatives spread more lies and hate than any group in our country.


Dear Yechiel thank you yes I deeply hope that we all of us who are listening and keeping-up with the facts are bringing some light to Americans. 

I would go and join Israel if they are attacked to help them in anyway I can.  I have many friends who feel the same.  We have skills they could use if push comes to shove.  It saddens me deeply that so many remain uninformed and have a hatred for Netanyahu and Israel. 

Netanyahus' speeches are always fantastic and I believe him to be one of the greatest men to ever live.  But then I have had a crush on him for many years due to his bravery, integrity, grit and manliness.

Shalom to you also

Lady Darko


wacko there is no bigger anti-american racist hate group that consists of 1 maybe 2 posters than you and the rocmike alias group.

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