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I had surgery done 2008 for spinal cord ...

 I had surgery done 2008 for spinal cord compression @ t10-11, they did a laminectomy, discectomy, fusion using mu 10th rib bone crushed and placed in my titanium cage. I was told it would fix me and I would be able to go back to rock wall climbing, BMX riding, figure skating, that was over 3 years ago. now I horrible neuropathy on my left side/flank to abdomen down to pelvis as well as neuropathy that starts at ribs and wraps around to back around where cage is, I have constant spinal pain there at the cage. Now my right side even hurts. I also have vaginal wall numbness, urinary problems, bowel problems, pudendum issues. My left leg always hurts to some degree. I am 43. My newest issues I have learned recently are called dominoeffect to this first surgery. I have bulging discs @@ L1-s1 with 1 herniated disc. I also have 2 fractures @ the 5 vertebral from arthritic breakdown process that comes secondarily to first procedure. I have horrible arthritis in my left hip and in flamed SI joints. If i knew now what i do I wouldn't have done it and have chosen paralysis,even though I'm a nurse. It is getting r hard to do my job now. I am on 14 different medications to try and help control all this.else do I left in life to expect now? where do I turn to Now? Injections don't last but a couple weeks any longer and I feel my Quality of life is in the dirt.

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I am so sorry to hear your pain and frustration. I am a member of Fibromyalgia (Fibro) Fighters Support Group in Facebook and I find there quite a good  support about all the pain problems.iAlthough it is different from yours but it could bring some help.Keep fighting !!

Louise from whatisbackpain

It seems like you have multiple problems that need to be assessed by a medical professional. Since you are a nurse, you may already know about this. Perhaps you just need some support from someone close to you like your family. Going through with these health problems alone is not good for you. It is important for you to share your thoughts and worries to another person. 

 Kathleen from vaginal mesh lawsuit site

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