What is the best news Chanel?

What is the  best news Chanel? 

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Dems love any channel but folks that are interested in the truth and both sides of the topic follow Fox News!

In a disordered mind, as in a disordered body, soundness of health is impossible. ~Cicero

Those who fear the whole truth fear Fox, otherwise Dan Rather would still be waving his forged documents

Personally, I like BBC America.

But I'm a sucker for English ascents.

Hay. You think I'm crazy? You should hear the voices in my head. Those people have issues.

I usually ignore the news because it is leftist liberal hogwash.  I look around me and see what is happening in my neck of the woods and it is not encouraging.

Once, gangs were a curse word we all came to despise -- properly so.  But now it may be necessary to join neighborhood watch groups to have strength in numbers because that is the only protection we're going to get. 

We set up a neighborhood block watch.  Anyone who doesn't belong here will have binoculars on them.  Everyone came out and met their neighbors, we got to know each other, we attend meetings, and we have no choice because the police can't get here as quickly as the neighbors can.

One day we may have to protect ourselves from the police.  The Jews in Germany sure did.  They still lost the firefight but at least they died like citizens defending their homes instead of socialists being told what to believe and who to hate.

Freedom isn't free. It is priceless.

About the only reliable or intelligent news any more is on Fox.  Now and then I tune in the prophets of malice on assorted networks, only to find that they must have been smoking something illegal.

The very few times I have seen reports from Fox where I was an eyewitness to the event, Fox coverage was fair, balanced, and unbiased.

No one else adheres to that.  Compare the reports and you will find that leftists are such bigots that they will excerpt what you say for their cameras in order to take you out of context -- as did the hateful old bigots on Der Sturmer.

The only difference is that our leftist liberal hatemongers are that much more fanatical than Hitler's leftist liberal hatemongers.

Distrust that government that will not trust you.

I also watch BBC America channel 114 on COMCAST.  My family has been here since the 1630's a real bargain too since they missed England's second Civil war.

NONE!!! Your not going to here the truth on the news.

In globally many news channels are there. the best channel for world wide telegraph and bbc. these channels are given excellent news.


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If you are looking for important world news, try using BBC.com. It is written very neutrally and states just the facts. Do not use any celebrity news sites or something like The Huffington Post. Hope this helps!

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Well, parveen, don't you know that you must have a question to post here? Could it be that my answer is balancing the fact that you did not follow the rules? Are you just advertsing or something? Were your parents childless?

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