Whoever hacked my account, you didn't get the job done. I will not go away.

  Whoever hacked my account, you didn't get the job done.  I will not go away.

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Hi!  Nice to see you here, but sorry to hear that someone is bothering your account......! Frown wtf

You leave too many ports open, Dumbass Granny...its an invitation to anyone to snoop on you.

It is unfortunate that demented crazoids like Tadpole-Bush hack other people's accounts, but that only proved that Tadpole is as unreliable and corrupt as Islam.  That is why she is in a deepening state of panic, having been found out for the lies and bigotry that she preaches in the name of radical Islam.

Consider the source.  If Tadpole had a case then she would not be utterly alone trying to defend racist extremism, Islam, and absolute corruption.

Of course, all fit under the title Islam so is there any reason to become unduly concerned that Tadpole can do worse than hack people's screen names?

Talk about a screaming fascist . . ..

Lois Lerner, head of the Internal Revenue Service’s tax-exempt organizations office, said at a hearing into the IRS's targeting of conservative groups on Wednesday, May 22 that she has done nothing wrong but declined to answer lawmakers' questions, invoked her constitutional right against self-incrimination. (Video: AP) So it always has been with the Democrat political machine.

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Hi Jane: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. How do I know if my account has been compromised (hacked)?

My account was hacked!!!

If you are having an issue with unauthorized activity on your email address, you likely have been the victim of a phishing attack. The first thing to do is to run any and all virus scan software you have on your computer, and then change your account password. To do this, log in to http://mail.aol ...

URGENT - AOL account cancellation - USA/EU laws enforcement.

LOL!! Good luck with that. AOL ignores their own rules and regulations so I don't think they really care about little things like laws.