I am going to visit my uncle with my six month ...


I am going to visit my uncle with my six month old son I am planning to book tickets in Jet Airways Konnect tickets.  Do infants get their food in Jet Airways Konnect? Please answer.

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Better bring with you the food that your son prefers (just to be on the safe side, normally the do have it).  If necessary they will warm it for you.  

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Just take a bottle of milk and some biscuits. That will be enough for your baby.


You can chose your kid’s meal while booking your tickets.


You can order your meals when you book Jet Airways Konnect tickets. But I don’t think any food is available for infants. To get all the details log onto the website http://www.cleartrip.com/flight-booking/jet-airways-konnect-airlines.html

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