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The phony uniforms make it clear that some leftist was playing a prank on us.  Hence I would say that there is no merit to the photo.

The caption for this question is still a bit nebulous regardless the highly prejudicial photo that AOL Answers staff applied to advance their left wing extremist political agenda.

It may be well to delete the photo and re-phrase your question for clarity.

Obama's program is not working. That is why you aren't, either, or soon won't be.
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Rocmike aka American Patriot, your alias Bob Suffolk sounds like the rest of your aliases. May I suggest you take a day of you sad lonely pathetic life of blogging every waking minute and go back and read some of your aliases posts. Even someone as deranged and unstable as you should be able to tell there is no difference in any of them. All repeated the same thing over and over and use the same words. GET A LIFE

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